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  1. Dushbadge

    The Ivy Bobble-Head... what are you going to do with it...

    Once you get your hands on it? I'm personally going to toss into the toilet and take a shit on it. Share your stories.
  2. Dushbadge

    Question about a character glowing white for a second?

    When I play, sometimes either I string another second move causing my character to glow white for a split second. I'm not sure what it is at all but it's cool. There's also times with Cervantes, Sophitia or Voldo. If I do the motion in a certain way they do that same exact move except they...
  3. Dushbadge

    Question about aerial juggles in this game?

    Can the player change his/her direction they float towards while being in the air? I've noticed that for some of the sc4 matches I've played recently I feel like I do it sometimes preventing ringouts against myself. It also makes me think aerial infinities aren't possible. Is this true or is...