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  1. Dogysamich

    [Central GA] Warner Robins, Macon, etc, etc, etc

    Yeah, Im wondering if there are some more central GA players. It's like, me and Shin Reiatstu. I know I saw one other dude on here, but he never got back to me. Who else is on here?
  2. Dogysamich

    Mina ROs?

    I mean, i'd really like to know if she had a back ringout? Maybe? Yes? MERGED POST FROM KHENT: She has way more than that, pal. Here is all you need to know about her RO potential. Front 1A (KND) 3B 3bK WR B (CH) FC 1KK (KND) BT 2K A+B 2A+B 4A+BAB 8A+B 6B+K Grounded 9B+KB 4A+K 2A+K 22A 44AA...