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  1. Sophitia90

    <3 Welcome to the Stage of History <3

    I fell in love with the Soul series when I was 9yrs old. I chose Soul Blade over Tekken because it had weapons and i felt the mechanics were better lol I loved every character especially Siegfried (1st videogame crush xD). When Soul Calibur came out for Dreamcast, their art gallery inspired me...
  2. Sophitia90

    Creations ^0^

    I will be posting my creations of familiar characters and SCV alternate customs. Hope you enjoy ^-^ Cassandra Cassandra 2 Sophitia
  3. Sophitia90

    Hi ^-^v Im new to 8wayrun

    Hi everybody :D Im new here and hope to meet cool peoples and have awesome fights :3 I loved the Soul Series since they were polygons xD eheheh I main Pyrrha, Pyrrha Omega, and Voldo in SCV :3 In the past games I used to main the Alexandra Sisters. Sword and shield all the way ^0^ My PSN is...