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    Gr0h's Matchs

    Hey ! For the 1A. I did several tests. And I can confirm, he is +1 on hit. Like 1K/22K ;)
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    Grøh Notes

    " B6 " ?? Do you have video plz ?
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    CES SCVI Thread

    Thank for all this informations. Can you try the different move in Relic Stance ? No Relic K ? ( low ) And the new move in Relic ( with his shoulder ) ? It's a new " K " in Relic ? What do you think of this move ? Thanks by advance @Futabot :)
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    CES SCVI Thread

    Hi ! ( I'm french player) To begin : Thank you for your information ! I have a important question : Can you make GI into CE ? like SC V ? If the answer is yes : Can you RE or GI the CE in this setup ? Thanks by advance.
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    Patroklos Combo Discussion!

    If you want ; 8A+B, 3B works on Nightmare & Astaroth.
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    Patroklos Q&A/Discussion Thread

    My Opinion : Pat vs Pyrrha : 6 - 4 Pat vs Omega : 5 - 5 :)
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    Patroklos Video Thread

    I'm curious about this usable toolset you're talking about ? Yes, for the WGC.
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    Patroklos Video Thread

    Patroklos - Ivy : 7 - 3 What do you think Patroklos's players ?
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    Scud (Ivy) VS Keysona (Patroklos) FT5.

    FT 5 offline.
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    Frame Calculator

    Excellent idea.
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    Keysona (Patroklos) VS KiraDems (Cervantes)

    Match between KiraDems & Keysona. (Top Player FR)
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    Patroklos Video Thread

    Your Pat is good but you didn't optimize your combos. Example : You did : - WS A+B , JS B BE, 44B Whereas you could replace 44B by JS K (because more dmg) or You did just : WS A+B, JS B Whereas you can WS A+B, JS B BE, 1B BE (for more dmg & RO ! )
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    keysona (Mitsu) vs malek ( Ivy ) part 2

    FT 5 Keysona (Mitsu Cosa Nostra Team) vs malek ( Ivy Nemesis Team) part 2/2
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    Keysona (Mitsu) vs Malek ( Ivy ) part1

    FT 5 Keysona (Mitsu Cosa Nostra Team) vs malek ( Ivy Nemesis Team) part1
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    Mitsu Videos

    Merry christmas ! :) Oh, Keysona Vs Malek, its been a long time! I play very bad Vs Ivy ( it's broken !!!) ^^ Bélial Vs Keysona : Keysona Vs DTN : Last tournament : VS DTN (dan) : VS Malek : And for 3rd place of tournament VS Docvizzo :
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    Mitsu Videos

    Thanks Tsubasa, your notice glad me. Belial comme to Cannes I need you to take you title of best mitsu, and we'll maybe play with the national's team. I like this topic, I'll maybe post some video if it interesting. :)