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  1. YoRHa2B

    Shura Moveset Possiblites and plausibility of being DLC

    Hi all As the title dictates I wanted to discuss on what shura should play like if she becomes dlc and how should she designed. For Those who never heard of Shura she was on of the bonus original characters that appeared in sc4, the only downside was all the bonus characters had a borrowed...
  2. YoRHa2B


    Hi just recently ordered soul calibur 6 on sale. I joined here to learn to how play the game properly (had alot of bad habbits ingrained over the years). Not really new to the series I played 1-5. Hope to meet some cool people and play alot of match ups.
  3. YoRHa2B


    how are you guys? I am new to this site, I have been the fan of the series for many many years now. I look forward to having awesome matches with you guys even though I had to learn everything from scratch so not too good yet. I found 5 to be much different then 4. My favorite character of...