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  1. piggy

    EVO 2014

    Hey fools! Is anybody other than me gonna be repping Raph at EVO this year? I wasn't going to enter, but I played over the weekend for the first time since I "officially" retired at FSAK, but damn, this game is fun.
  2. piggy

    Raphael Tournament Discussion

    I just wanted to start a thread where we could discuss how tournaments went, how strategies worked out, or didn't work out and general observations from offline competition. With Winter Brawl this weekend (are any of the rest of you guys coming to this...Kowtow? Hudathan?) and having already...
  3. piggy

    NEC X team losers / grand finals

    Teams Loser's Finals: Teams Grand Finals: Super Grand Finals:
  4. piggy

    Last Koga monthly videos

    These matches are from the last Koga Monthly, 11/21/09, and are matches that I taped that weren't played on the main setup which should have been caped by Jaxel
  5. piggy

    Evo 2k9 Pool Play videos

    I took a few videos of Pool Play at Evo - some are more exciting than others: RTD v Esom Kayane v Alphamale Linkrkc v Rekki IvyFanboy v Hudathan Linkrkc v Hudathan Hudathan v Revin
  6. piggy

    Punishment Thread

    I started this a while ago, but have had to take a quick break from it cause things at work picked up a bit the past few weeks (and I've had a few tournies wasting my east saturdays at work). In any case, I went through the wiki (mostly) and took note of what all moves can be punished with what...