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  1. sephalump

    Zwei pessimist discussion

    This is where everyone is going to come to whine when they feel the need. Soul Arenas are for gameplay information. For people to learn a character. They don't learn anything by all of you doing nothing but crying. So come here to do that.
  2. sephalump

    The Wolf-Pack: Zwei Player Introductions

    This thread is essentially giving us the chance to introduce ourselves to one another. It's also in my hopes that this can become a match-finder for Zwei mirrors where we can help one another become stronger players. It's going to be gameplay based as all threads in a soul-arena should be...
  3. sephalump

    Zwei Tech Trap Discussion

    This is where tech-traps will go as they're discovered or if they need to be discussed. Informations as to what side(s) or directions they catch should go here for each, as well as discussion on the tech-traps and what they do outside of damage as a whole.
  4. sephalump

    Zwei Video Thread

    This thread will be for gameplay videos of Zwei upon the game's release, assuming we don't get too much worthwhile content to warrent me just creating a post-launch thread also. Until that point feel free to post whatever pre-release videos of Zwei you find. When posting multiple videos at a...
  5. sephalump

    Z.W.E.I. General Discussion/Q&A

    This is where you can come for general discussion on Zwei's gameplay from frames to combos or frame data. However story discussion should go in the Story Discussion forum linked bellow. Overall gameplay style and opinions on how he...
  6. sephalump

    A+K and force flips

    So I've been messing around with this guy and have wonderered situations where you guys force flip or levitate to dodge an attack. Astaroth's 66a,b can be 4A+K'ed and then do a back grab at max range. Algols 3 part string...623 A,B,K I think it is? After blocking the first hit you can levitate...
  7. sephalump

    Lizard Crawl Evades

    Yeah yeah we all know that crawl obviously evades throws, highs and a good amount of mids. But did you know that it'll also evade the first sweep of Mitsurugi's Relic [A+B] two hit unblockable? Or nightmare's 1a at short/mid-ish range? I really don't have time to compile a list of every attack...
  8. sephalump

    8 B+K

    I use it a lot. The non charge version can be used as a followup to 1k which teaches them to tech away. After teaching start transitioning into crawl after the sweep and LC A for a techtrap. What's everyone's opinions on it?
  9. sephalump

    BT stuff

    oh so recently I've been trying to hype up my lizzy play since sooner than later I hope to save up for a recording device. I've come across the use of his BT abilities. On CH his BT B+K sweep stuns the opponent putting them on the ground. Then, you can jump over them once again being BT and BT 2...
  10. sephalump

    Short Video Project

    Ok so I've realized most characters have a film project donated to them. If we want a more lively thread it would help to have more members which could be achieved if we have the full potential of lizard man shown. In no way am I a confident or even capable player to do this task but if better...
  11. sephalump

    Why do you main the cute monster?

    Just what it says, why do you main Lizardman. I like his character design, his bestial fighting methods, and how he's such a beast(pun intended) in battle yet kind of cute(the winning scene where he looks around for the camera and is then like "There you are :D!")
  12. sephalump

    Character jokes!

    So, I know I'm a noob to get beat by them this often, BUT I get nailed by the spam characters and in the best way to live life I make up jokes and laugh about it. Killik: That's the only piece of wood he has. Sophitia: Your command throw only hurts because the STD's I get, and you only love...
  13. sephalump

    Maxi Loop Advice

    I've been lurking around this forum for quite a while now, and finally thought I'd throw something up! I try to play my maxi quick and effective using another user's term(can't remember his name right now DX but he might see this) "danger balls". For the most part it works. Most player's I've...