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  1. Serpents

    Tips to improve as Ivy?

    I wish I knew how to Calamity Symphony =( I do fine without it, but it's about the only move in the game I can't do. Just too many butons to push imo. I'll stick with her grab BE, I guess.
  2. Serpents

    Tips to improve as Ivy?

    I love 4B lol. It has a pretty short range, and you should wait until you have an opening... but it can really poke people out of their combos and set you up for a grab (or a low sweep). I also like her generic 22_88A sidestep slash... and her vertical smackdown from 2A+B. When someone is...
  3. Serpents

    Soul Calibur Zodiac

    I'm a Scorpio, so... YES!! MINAAA!!! :sc1min1::sc2min2::sc4min1::sc2min3: *imagines her kicking ass to the Xena theme song* But Pyrrha? Pffff. She's more like Pisces. The only reason she's a scorpio is because she's "evil." FYI: If you ever wanna know whose a Scorpio in books, movies, etc...
  4. Serpents

    What SC Character You Had The Hots For

    Menz Algol: Tall and built. There's a lot of Algol to love, physically, and I like that. Yun Seong: Tight and playful. He would make a great bottom. Young Voldo: Kinky and flexible. Soo flexible. Womenz Seong-Mina: Familiar and comforting. Mina never lets you down, and she's there on an...
  5. Serpents

    Types of Scrubs

    So non-scrubs: Can't be bad Can't spam one string Can't win consectuively or boast Can't talk theory Can't like a character, and stick with them through hard times Can't post or comment on videos Can't give people advice, or point out broken moves/strings (see no. 2) Can't be good Can't be 30+...
  6. Serpents

    Viola General Matchup Discussion

    Maxi and Viola seem pretty similar to me. They both start alot of their combos with AA or BB... but yeah, I feel that Maxi has a much better mid-low mixup game than Viola. Like I said, he just seems to auto-transition into his stances. Another thing I forgot to mention about Viola vs Mitsu...
  7. Serpents

    Viola General Matchup Discussion

    The only person I really hate fighting as Viola is Maxi. How do I interrupt him up close? All of his moves seem to auto-complete or auto-transition themselves. It feels like all I can do is block or sidestep left until the string ends. As for Mitsu fights, I think a lot of people neglect...
  8. Serpents

    What characters you want added to SCV?

  9. Serpents

    What would you rate SCV out of 10 ?

    Stand Alone: 6/10 Compared to the rest of SC: 4/10
  10. Serpents

    Mina and Talim confirmed! :P

    I will only forgive you because you put " :p " in the title. Otherwise, I would have hated you forever. :sc4min1::sc2min2::sc2min3::sc1min1:
  11. Serpents

    Despising characters discussion. Start!

    Tira chose Pyrrha to be Soul Edges new host because she's weak, impressionable, and very conflicted. She's broken and lonely. It doesn't take much for Tira to push her over the edge, where all that bottled up despair can erupt into madness. Pat may be conflicted and easy to manipulate, but he...
  12. Serpents

    Please HELP ME

    I can see how a b k g can be confusing on an xbox controller (x y a b)... but it's FAR from cryptic. It should definitely not throw an alleged sc veteran such as yourself. Still, gl with the game.
  13. Serpents

    Please HELP ME

    Gurl, if you've been playing sc for as long as you can remember, and you STILL aren't used to the move list... maybe fighting games aren't for you. Otherwise... you do realize that you can edit your controller layout in the options menu? And the 6bk thing is just 8wayrun speak. Imagine the...
  14. Serpents

    Overcoming bad habits.

    You don't have to finish a combo... try just AA, then trick up with 1A, or 3B, or whatever :)
  15. Serpents

    Is there a hidden character named ZWAY that I'm not aware of?

    Why are you mad about Zwei but not Xiba? Did no one call him Zeba? Sheba reminds me of Queen of the Jungle lol =p
  16. Serpents

    Just Guard

    I think JG low is really only useful for Natsu's unblockable launcher. Then she can't lol airgrab you afterward. But to answer your question, no, I don't have any tricks.
  17. Serpents

    I Don't Think Pyrrha's done with soul edge...

    I think being malfested is like being on fire. You can put the fire out, but you still have all those burns. Just because Soul Edge is gone, or malfestation is cured, doesn't mean that the side effects of it will disappear too.
  18. Serpents

    SCV Character Creation Discussion

    I like the CaS overall, but I don't like how some equipment kinda hovers over your character. Those pieces look so awkward :( Also... is it me, or do females have HALF as many faces as males do? Do you unlock more?
  19. Serpents

    Xiba Video Thread

    Well, you can AK out of REM for a very pathetic horizontal swipe... but I'm pretty sure you can be BB'd out of it =/ At least Xiba still has the kB high-low. I guess that's a good poke =p
  20. Serpents

    Xiba Video Thread

    Yeah... Kilik had a much better horizontal game, as far as I can tell. The more I play Xiba, the more I miss things like 6AAA, 66AA... or even his sidesteps (out of BB, AA or moument). I also feel like Xibas 2A is slower, with shorter length than Kiliks version (I forget the input). Touching on...