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  1. ZionOAS

    SC3 The Klessirpemdo etymology investigation

    I posted this back in 2019 in a general discussion. Since then it has still plagued me to understand what this word means. I’ve only started to dive into this early this morning, and would ask if anyone else interested in the task join in. If you don’t even know why this name is relevant to Soul...
  2. ZionOAS

    The Original Character(s) Timeline

    Hello I'm posting this thread to speak on the ability to create a shared timeline through the Soul Calibur franchise going forward. Bring any of your thoughts on how this could improve the quality of the single player modes. How it could make any kind of impact on the main chronicle time line...
  3. ZionOAS

    Here are my works.

    Hello everyone, I wanted to start sharing my original CaS designs. I'm currently finished on this one of the 1000 Blood War Ichigo Kurosaki from Bleach. I have other characters I have made from my long running original characters from Soul Calibur 3 on... yet I don't have all the equipment/...
  4. ZionOAS

    zion's megaman CAS

    So I have been looking around online along with one of my co workers at the megaman CAS we have been surprised but not amazed. So I took a couple of days and put forth a megaman and zero fit to go up against the competion.