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  1. MuffinMan123

    Does SCVI on PC also support the same low gfx work around for low end PC users like Tekken 7 did?

    There were guides on gfx setting adjustments in the files to make Tekken 7 runnable on old crappy machines with Celeron and onboard graphics. Does SCVI also use the same system optimization as T7? I hope it's there because it's the only way for me to play SCVI with my current shitty computers.
  2. MuffinMan123

    Have they removed quick step? Or is that still in?

    Really hope 22 88 moves can be combed with again, not like SCV where the quick step prevents 22 88 moves from coming out right away. I saw characters side stepping in the footages, but I didn't see notice them doing 22 88 attacks, so I thought they were just single tapping side steps.
  3. MuffinMan123

    Is there wakeup guide vs every character in SC5?

    Like compilation of all the usual mixup that people usually do after a knockdown? I remember there are comilation videos for post gi and post guardbreak for all characters, and other game system specific compilation guides, so I am wondering if a compilation of wakeup guides exist.
  4. MuffinMan123

    If Soul Calibur characters are in a regular weapon fight, no magic and all that

    If each character go in with just their skills and their physical abilities with normal weapons and real world physics, no magic enhancements and no gameplay logic, how will the smaller characters even be able to fight against the likes of Rock/Astaroth one on one? Most weapons can't even block...
  5. MuffinMan123

    What's Odashima doing now?

    I only recall he was done with Project Soul, but is he still in Namco? What's he doing now?
  6. MuffinMan123

    My biggest gripe with Pyrrha Omega

    Even though SC5 was selling Pyrrha Omega as the berserk Greek style fighter, a lot of her moves don't look vicious enough. When Nightmare and Siegfried were separated into 2 different characters, Nightmare's move list is more aggressive and violent compare to Siegfried in both attack animations...
  7. MuffinMan123

    why can't the ninjas break backthrows?

    so astaroth can break backthrows because he's big algol can because he can teleport zwei can because he's possessed so... natsu, taki, and yoshi, shouldn't they be able to use decoys? I remember ryu hayabusa has this decoy counter thing so that when people hit him in counter duration, they will...
  8. MuffinMan123

    Patroklos, Pyrrha, Sophitia, and Cassandra all share the same last name, how?

    pretty sure ancient Greece was not a matriarchy, but the entire Alexandra all share the same last name for some reason. If Patroklos has Alexandra as his last name, his father Rothion must also be an Alexandra. But then Sophitia and Cassandra also have Alexandra as their last name which doesn't...
  9. MuffinMan123

    untechable knockdown stun?

    is there such a thing in SC5? I saw this stun in SCLS, and was wondering if I have seen this stun in SC5 before, can't seem to remember any character doing this stun ever except in the KO animation. is there any character that can do this stun? which moves can do this? enemy can't seem to tech...
  10. MuffinMan123

    any royalty free music goes well with Soul Calibur?

    looking for royalty free music that fits a soul calibur combo video for 5/LS. it's hard to think of royalty music because everywhere you go it's paid music only. I just need something that goes well with the hitting sound effects. I recorded all the combos with the background music turned off so...
  11. MuffinMan123

    how do you even practice matchups by yourselves?

    using practice mode to record each moves 1 by 1 takes forever, and you also have to know character move inputs you are not familiar with. for people who have partner to practice with it's easy, but for internet warriors this is a lot of chore especially when I live in a city with no scene for a...
  12. MuffinMan123

    do you use LS or DP option for fightsticks

    when you play SC games? was wondering if it makes any difference in the game. 1st impression is that it makes typing messages way faster, but in game it doesn't seem to affect my inputs in anyway.
  13. MuffinMan123

    if you only have 4 buttons for this game

    like the original arcade setup for this series, GABK, without those 4 extra buttons for the double press button press shortcuts, do you think you can still do well? how long do you think it will take you to get used to this change?
  14. MuffinMan123

    Eric Cartman The Wizard King!

    originally I wasn't even going to do the face because I thought there wasn't enough item slots to make it, but then DarkNemeZis666's youtube video of cartman showed me that it is indeed possible. problem is I couldn't figure out how he made that mouth and eyes and his video was too blurry to...
  15. MuffinMan123

    What are the best BE and CE moves?

    I am guessing best BE is probably viola's relaunch or her highly damaging B+K BE. I really like bullrush BE, but it can get JG'ed. so what about CE moves? elysium's cover the entire screen and it's not punishable unless you JG it, but viola's is super safe and guarantees a mix up if she has...
  16. MuffinMan123

    arcade stick, to repair or replace?

    currently using a ps3 hori fight stick v3, my problem right now is that starting this month, I found out that my arcade stick is having trouble registering pressing 2 buttons at the same time and is always doing (A then A+B) instead of (A+B) right away. the buttons do feel harder to press than...
  17. MuffinMan123

    Number of wallsplats

    the limit of wall splats is 2, but is it per wall or all the walls combined? it seems to me I could splat on one wall 2 times, then splat on another wall 2 more times, the damage scaling is huge though. is it a stage specific thing? the walls in astral chaos pathway and coliseum are not 90...
  18. MuffinMan123

    when to jump? when to GI? how to do them efficiently?

    there are so many basic in game mechanics that I never figure out the right way to use. jumps and jump attacks are 2 of those. safe 2 hit lows like ast 1AA can be jump B'ed, but even thoguh I know this, I could never do it in a match. same thing with GI's in SC5. can't ever remember to GI in...
  19. MuffinMan123

    if true ogre and nightmare team up vs angel and elysium

    which team is more likely to win going by their canon abilities? iirc angel is about at least equally as capable as DJ and DK, so going by blood vengeance angel is quite powerful. what if the wielders of the swords are defeated, and then ogre picks up soul edge to fight angel with soul calibur?
  20. MuffinMan123

    a list of moves that break armors?

    just wondering if someone compiled a list of moves for each character that can break armors. mind sharing them with me? thx