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  1. OutCast

    TK x SF Poll

    Sigh, I'm so 2000 late....Anyways, TK x SF is long from now. But they've released a poll on facebook for the fans. Reminder: The poll doesn't guarantee anything. So Jun fans, yeah.... Here's the link to the poll. Another reminder, you don't need a facebook account to vote, yay...
  2. OutCast

    Where are they now?

    Basically, write what you think happened to the characters that did not make it into SCV. I prefer logical reasons rather than just 'THEY DIED".
  3. OutCast

    Viola Story

    What do you think is her story in the game? Her relation with other characters and the sword? But nothing about Amy. We already made that a possibility. Think of something more creative. For now, Amy doesn't exist. Just Viola.