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  1. 350z

    Good Luck USA Players

    I would like to devote a space that wishes all the players from the United States good luck in the upcoming major international tournament. Make no mistake, I wish all competitors luck, but it is my civic pride as a citizen and fighting gamer from the United States that inspires me to write...
  2. 350z

    Thank You For Everything, Jaxel

    Often, I usually apologize for a great wall of text. But not this time. Let me get to it: As a public high school teacher in a major metropolitan area, I know what it’s like do something important yet which is often overlooked and underappreciated. I know I have made it a point to...
  3. 350z

    GVN Summer Jam 2009!!! Aug 22nd Results

    Because fewer people showed up than expected, this was an intense little tournament. Great matches. Here are the results: 1. Anuedy (Astaroth) 2. NinjaCW (Astaroth, Cassandra) 3. Chosen1 (Yun-seong) 4. ZeroEffect (Talim) 5. 350z (Ivy) 6. Leroy (Yoshimitsu) 7. Byron (Sophie, Hilde) 8...