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  1. Ramus

    Ramus' Empory of CaS

    Hey guys, I've made a few simple 2Ps to some characters, based off old ones and such. Ivy Raphael Siegfried Tira
  2. Ramus

    In Which Stages You Think the Characters Will Reside?

    With 11 stages and 20 characters + 1, which stages you think belong to which characters? For me: Shrine of Eurydice: Sophitia Snow Capped Showdown: Mitsurugi and Groh Replica Kaer Morhen: Geralt Ostrheinsburg Castle: Nightmare, Ivy, Sieg and Tira Master Swordman's Cave: Kilik and Xian Indian...
  3. Ramus

    Tira- Trailer Analysis

    English Trailer Japanese one (It has better frame rate) -The attack grab at the end of the first string seems like a crouch grab/counter. -6B can LH -The second hit of 4B+K B is a GB -Like many others if she win RE with a B there will be a special combo -Her A seems to go into a string on...
  4. Ramus

    Soul Charge Moves Cause Damage When Guarded

    Did I miss the discussion or something ? About 7:55
  5. Ramus

    Best Wishes for 2018 !

    Lets hope the Soul still burns in 2018 !!
  6. Ramus

    Considering the Past of the Series What do You Hope For the Art Direction in VI

    This thread is meant to take the mess the SC6 discussion thread became.
  7. Ramus

    The CaS Watermark.

    So, when you think about a certain CaS maker, you certainly think a particular style, the idea of this thread is to help new makers to find with ease in which threads he/she will find what. Keep in mind this is not exactly about the quality of the work, but rather what is the style of the...
  8. Ramus

    CaS Mirror Match.

    So hello you guys, did you ever were browsing in this forums and had the thought. "My God, this character is pretty cool, but I would have done X and Z different, or maybe redo the style with different parts." Well here is your chance, I will post one of my characters, then whoever wants to give...
  9. Ramus

    Resident Evil Series Discussion

    So because in some threads some people were discussing Old RE VS New RE, here it is. Before anything I will try to make some observations on three very different games of the series, also mind you that yes I played all this games and made some kind of study before doing this, also I may comment...
  10. Ramus

    Final Fantasy XV.

    Discussion about the newest Final Fantasy. While I have mixed feeling as of yet, the battle system is kind of... The fact so far only boys will be in your party is kind of.....(It adds salt to the wound the fact they look like a freaking boy band.) The "realism" of the plot is kind of.... The...
  11. Ramus

    Heir of the Valiant moves.

    Is there any Cassandra's move that you think that Patroklos could put to a good use? I have two in mind. Cassandra 4BB: A, I think Patroklos could use a better launch finisher than 236B or 236K sometimes, also he needs something better than AA to finish 66A BE 1B BE. Good old 33\99 A+B it...
  12. Ramus

    Best Unblockable.

    Any game really, because the other day I was thinking how useful they really are, some have propetities that can be used for a completely different purpose. (Such as Ivy 4B+K that can be canceled to give her while raising moves) Anyway. Cassandra 44bA that thing covered half of some stages...
  13. Ramus

    So which are your favorite OST/BGM?

    BGM and OST are great and some have such calming effect others make you go all out, some you just like because they are great like that....anyway post here BGM and OST you like.
  14. Ramus

    Chose the styles for a reboot.

    So in a case of a reboot, who would be the perfect styles for a new story, you can chose about 25 characters styles and the game where that style was best to you(No mimics). Keep in mind that you don't need to choose only 25 but it is somewhat the average per game, by the way just to let a...
  15. Ramus

    A Calm Study in CaS.

    So this is my 3P of my characters, I like CaS just new costumes for the characters, but sometimes I recreate and might upload. My 3P are usually very plain without big things.
  16. Ramus

    What is lacking

    What kinda of char we need, not style necessarily, but personality evil, good , neutral teel me (Hope is not wrong posting here) So a femme fatale but more dark than Ivy, not evil(but if evil a bonus) but more seductive Can t control my power kiling loved one, allys boy yas we need dramatic and...