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    Tech Traps for Ezio

    I saw a previously started list, but there was nothing there, so I decided to pick up one as I went along. These are some techs I've found while messing around, and he has a tech for each direction. Some or many of the techs may not be as necessary as others, but for all who care to know any of...


    ok so i feel so fat making this. However, my sirloin steak & ribs tonight was epic, so what have been you guys' out of the ordinary foods dis week? This is a strictly RANDOM topic O_O

    New Video: #2 Apprentice vs NDK916

    1237 Video: #2 Apprentice vs NDK916 Category: Casual Matches Uploader: TANHAUSSER1 _________________________________________ ====== DOUBLE POST AUTO-MERGE ====== also check this vid out 1235 _________________________________________ ====== DOUBLE POST AUTO-MERGE ====== il c if next...