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  1. GroxGlitch

    Moving from SCIII Nightmare to SCV Nightmare - What to look for?

    The question's in the title: I'm moving from being a massive SCIII veteran (vs Ai, at least) to the newer games, specifically SCV, and I'm interested in what's changed with Nightmare. I've played a little of V but not enough to really know the ins and outs of what's new. What good moves did NM...
  2. GroxGlitch

    Hello, Greetings, so on and so forth!

    Heloooo! I'm GroxGlitch, just joined up with 8WayRun as I've been looking to get into a SoulCalibur community and this looked like one of the most active. I've played Soul Calibur for a while now - I started the series with SCII when I was like, jeeze, 11-12, I think (Note, I'm nearly 18 now...