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  1. Rigil

    Ice Cream

    I don't believe we have an ice cream thread so now we do. ColdStone Peanut Butter Lover's Delight. Sweet cream ice instead of chocolate. I hate chocolate ice cream. Discuss ice cream.
  2. Rigil

    Tiny House Results

    Tiny House was a blast for all those involved and I will murder you if you say otherwise. Thank you everyone for showing up and please continue to do so as this is Jersey's new official monthly. Several people showed up and didn't enter so the turnout was actually higher than the bracket...
  3. Rigil

    Tiny House: Restart From Level 1

    Bringing SC4 monthlies back to Jersey. Location: 820 Spruce ST Trenton, NJ 08609 The Venue is a 10 minute drive from Trenton Train Station. We will pick up anyone coming by train. Venue Fee is 5 dollars. The venue will also provide food and drink if you pay another $5, though it...
  4. Rigil

    Best retro game art ever! Please just go here, none of you won't be amazed if you have a soul.
  5. Rigil

    Internet ACTIVATE I

    First internet weekly is sort of a success. 9 entrants. 1: Bootyclap(Sophie, Cass) 2: Malice(Sophie, Cass) 3: Kikaleek(Yoshi) 4: Ic3yesc0bar_XL(Yoshi) 5: HervE 5: Loli_Drizzle 7: BoringRyu(Forfeited because he had to get shopping) 7: DivineChaos 9: Rigel(Forfeited all my matches...
  6. Rigil

    Internet ACTIVATE!

    1 Internet Blvd Googleville, The Internet 45678 Games: SC4 Online(PSN to start) So I'd like to see how many people would be down for a weekly online tournament run out of this site. I'll run it out of PSN, because I don't have access to Xbox Live atm, but if people want it on both then...
  7. Rigil

    Heroes Season 4

    New episode tonight. Who's hooked on this shit?