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  1. BifordusMaximus

    East Coast Throwdown 4 Results!

    I thought I was too old to play so I did not enter the tournament... Then I realized later that it didn't really matter since I'm pretty sure there was some guys in their 40's there... Maybe next time I will bring out the Arthritis medicine. Not that it matters but I was the mysterious black guy...
  2. BifordusMaximus

    Soul Calibur V : Comic-Con 2011 Trailer

    Im still waiting for a Seung Mina succsessor... it can only get better.
  3. BifordusMaximus

    Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3

    I've had this for a solid week and Im bored with it already :( I still prefer SC4.
  4. BifordusMaximus

    The AMAZING SC4 Online General Discussion Thread

    Online Mina Goes up a tier when playing online. Although, the hatemail seems to have stopped and instead I get compliments. Whats this world coming to? << Don't answer that.
  5. BifordusMaximus

    Siegfried Videos

    That glitch video kinda reminds of the wolfcrone ring out glitch where you get knocked out but somehow end up still inside the playfield. I know that glitch can be duplicated with minimal effort.
  6. BifordusMaximus

    Best of PSN (PSN matchfinder)

    ... Im kickin' it down then!
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  8. BifordusMaximus

    Best of PSN (PSN matchfinder)

    I have finally returned. But just a little laggier than before :( Hit me up for good times.
  9. BifordusMaximus

    FSAK 2010 results from live stream

    Damn. Im mad I couldnt make it :( I really wanted to fight OOFMATIC.
  10. BifordusMaximus

    8WR is on the map!

    Good stuff
  11. BifordusMaximus

    [PS3] YLoD: Yellow Light of Death

    happened to me in march. I was in the middle of playing Final Fantasy XIII. I blame the game.
  12. BifordusMaximus

    Full Speed Aerial Kicks: SC4 Iron Man Tournament

    Looks like I wont be able to get any practic in. I havent played since March. If for some reason I beat any of you people then you should be ashamed. Seriously though Im looking forward to this tournament regardless of how bad I do.
  13. BifordusMaximus

    Soulcalibur 5 a Definite Possibility?

    That would be awesome. Maybe the crossovers have been done to death, but I would love to see maybe a Namco vs SNK instead. A Soul Calibur 5 would make my day. BifordusMaximus as a real playable character! *cough.
  14. BifordusMaximus

    [New York City, NY] Afraid of a Little Fire????

    I... need practice. Anyone In the Long Island or NYC area willing to help an old man out? I have only played online and learned everything I could possibly learn from that which is "absolutely nothing". I dont plan on entering any tournament without proper training. PM me if you can help out or...
  15. BifordusMaximus

    Good Games Thread

    I cant wait to get my ps3 fixed. I've been itching for a fight for the past 4 months. Seems like there are new people to fight.
  16. BifordusMaximus

    What does cum mean?

    No no no... This is all wrong. Nothing adds up here! Watch the movie Inception. Best money you'll ever spend on a movie.
  17. BifordusMaximus

    Full Speed Aerial Kicks in your face!

    I couldnt help but notice your profile picture on the front page Mikosu. hmmm If I ever get around to getting my PS3 fixed, I may actually put effort into practicing for this tournament. Not to win but just for the lols.
  18. BifordusMaximus

    Full Speed Aerial Kicks: SC4 Iron Man Tournament

    Hmm.. This old man just might come out of retirement to fight some of you kids. I'll lose but this could be fun.
  19. BifordusMaximus

    How many people on this site have gotten the ylod on their ps3?

    I got my Ylod about a month ago, still debating if I should send it in for repair. The problem is, if I send in a 60 gig, I wont get one back. I still enjoyed playing my ps2 games on my ps3. But I think sony would rather you buy another ps2 as well.
  20. BifordusMaximus

    Best of PSN (PSN matchfinder)

    Best of PSN #6 wtf happened to 5? Wow... No posts on this for a week? 0_o the flames have subsided. the peasants rejoice!