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  1. Fatal_Exodus

    + | The Exodus, SCVI CaS Gallery | +

    It's been a good six years since I first started one of these threads for the previous game, and I figured: why not turn up a brand new leaf? Here I'll be showcasing my new original characters as well as edits I'll be doing for the main roster. I'll get started off with Olivia, the Paladin and...
  2. Fatal_Exodus

    Swords, Shields, And Sparkly Things - FE's CaS Gallery

    This is officially a thread dedicated to the upload of my CaS as well as original character outfits (aka 3P's, 4P's, 20P's lol). Please do enjoy lol. _____________________________________________________________________ there's also, of course, my CaS lol I'm pretty...
  3. Fatal_Exodus

    requiring major confirmation on these "spoilers"

    [/B] Most of it seems like stuff we already knew anyway, but mfw this has got to be some major shit
  4. Fatal_Exodus

    Guest Character DLC

    Considering Project Soul's improved involvement with the game and our interests, the idea of even more guest characters released as DLC is even likelier. What are your own choices?
  5. Fatal_Exodus

    So my fanart contest prize package finally came in the mail.

    AND IT'S SOME PRETTY HOT SHIT thank you for everyone who voted for me ;_____________;
  6. Fatal_Exodus

    8WayRun Fanfiction: The Writer's Block

    Here's a place for us writers alike to discuss our ideas for fanfiction, get any advice on some written pieces, or ask for suggestions for an upcoming story. I will be archiving accounts here as well. ___________________________________________________________________...
  7. Fatal_Exodus


    Tales of Xillia came out today (in Japan), and Famitsu gave it a 39/40 (10/9/10/10), which has recently made it the highest rated Tales game, surpassing the stellar (and soon to be coming to the US/EUR) Graces f. Also, the PS3 version is the most pre-ordered Tales game to date, and theoretically...
  8. Fatal_Exodus

    Character Select Screen

    Is it real? Is it fake? Nah, I made it. Will be updated as more characters are revealed. (PS: Leixia and Nightmare are omitted as of now due to insufficient source images) Feel free to tell me what you think.
  9. Fatal_Exodus

    | Welcome to my CaS Factory |

    Here are some of my CaS creations for the whole lot of you to ogle at. amy. sophitia. cassandra. hilde. tira. xianghua. originals. patroklos. pyrrha. natsu. zwei. I have more back in my PS3, but most of them are too grotesque to be put up here. D:
  10. Fatal_Exodus

    5 Random Things

    Self-explanatory, just post 5 things about nearly anything. ...and yes, nearly. ~ Is new to 8 Way Run. ~ Is bored. ~ Wants to find out how to wear a signature. ~ Needs to go do some stuff later. ~ Is still bored.
  11. Fatal_Exodus

    Fatal Exodus' Gallery of Sigs, Avies, and More!

    Hey there, it's Fatal_Exodus. Some of you may know me from Soul Calibur Universe, and so i decided to post some of my works from over there. [My trademark is known as F.Ex. and will, most likely, stay that way. So please don't try to take my signatures, you'll fail miserably.]...
  12. Fatal_Exodus

    Hey there.

    Hey there. I'm Fatal_Exodus and hello to 8 Way Run. Some of you will probably know me from Soul Calibur Universe, which, sadly and terribly, has recently closed down due to complications. So I decided to join 8WR in hopes that I'll get a lot of fun out of another interesting forum. I will be...