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  1. Metallix

    BUYING PSP 3000 Silm Limited Edition - God of War: Ghosts of Sparta

    I am looking for PSP 3000 Silm - God of War: Ghosts of Sparta. System Brand: Sony Edition: PSP 3000 Silm Limited Edition Color: Black with Red buttons Theme: GoW: Ghosts of Sparta - Metallix
  2. Metallix

    What is the best ways to clean and get out of a 1st gen PS3?

    I share a PS3 with someone that I know. What is the best ways to clean and get dust out of a 1st gen PS3?
  3. Metallix

    [WANTED/NEED] New or Used - PS3 Analog Controller.

    I am in need of a new or used PS3 Analog Controller for use in my league tourneys that I attend. While my fightstick is upgraded. Price Range looking for: $25-$45 (New or Used) Color: Black (standard) or Red or Pink (preferred this color) Please either post here or send me a PM. Thank You...
  4. Metallix

    Tekken Hybrid

    A friend from our local SC4 league brought Tekken Hybrid for us to see. From what I saw and remember a couple of weeks ago. The game has these features: Tekken Hybrid Tekken Tag (Remastered) (Preview of) Tekken Tag 2 Tekken 3D movie (will edit this once I find out the name of the film) Tekken...
  5. Metallix

    [WANTED/NEED] TE PS3 Fightstick

    Good morning, My SF4 PS3 Fightstick is now really toast (from what you read of what happened to it on my league's aftermath report). :( I'm now in the process of looking to upgrade the fight stick. Looking for an TE version PS3 Fightstick. If you do have a spare one or know of places...