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  1. Laswagga

    Whos the best?

    I recently turned on SCV after swearing it off when it first came out because of a lack of Setsuka and how disappointed I was with Alpha Patroklos as her replacement. I recently turned the game on, played a long set of it with a friend of mine and after a long discussion and coming to terms with...
  2. Laswagga

    STOP CROUCHING!: Throw Break Notes

    As I pack my bags to head to Final Round, I decided to try to address some of my personal demons to better prepare myself for what may come my way during this week end. So I did some lab-work and came up with this tiny little idea for learning which throws to break and why i'm breaking them. My...
  3. Laswagga

    So....Setsuka Players....

    Is anyone else completely offended by the fact that she not only got taken out of the game, but was then replaced by a "soul" of her that LACKED an umbrella? Come on Namco, you're just being jerks with this one.
  4. Laswagga

    Anyone going to be at Final Round XIV?

    I'm going for SSFIV and Marvel, but i'm still interested in getting some matches of SCIV in. The game is pretty much done for in GA, so the competition is bone-dry. Anyone here going to be there with interest in SCIV?
  5. Laswagga

    So, how do you feel about SCIV's life-span?

    Personally, i'm not happy with our community. The SF, Tekken, Smash, Marvel and even the Guilty Gear communities have been playing their game through the years, going out of their way to extend its life-span time and time again even when the masses considered them dead. Tournaments still run for...
  6. Laswagga

    The word is 100% official on Kurisu.

    He is a grade A, absolute retard whose friendship I am not sad to have lost. His last words to me before he told me I was "just another ghetto kid with a pathetic life" were: "I'm moving back in with my mom and her husband so they can put me through school, and I can learn japanese so...
  7. Laswagga

    R.i.p. Ps3. :(

    Yeap. Looks like i'm not gonna be playing any Soul Calibur IV for a while..... Lol, oh well.
  8. Laswagga

    Anyone from 8WR going to ATL revival?

    I just want to know, i'm debating on bringing a copy of Soul Calibur IV and my system incase someone wants to actually play it. I'm pretty positive that they're going to have a copy there somewhere but Team ATL have pretty much sworn off the game, so its a toss-up. Anyone going?
  9. Laswagga

    New Video: Soul Calibur IV Matches: Laswagga [SETS] VS Homie Da CLown [NIGHTMR]

    VS Homie Da CLown [NIGHTMR]]1296 Video: Soul Calibur IV Matches: Laswagga [SETS] VS Homie Da CLown [NIGHTMR] Category: Casual Matches Uploader: Laswagga
  10. Laswagga

    Does anyone else feel like online is holding them back?

    So, lately i've been cursing out a good bit of the people on my PSN and a couple of my subscribers on my youtube page when we play. Not because i've lost to them, but because they play like garbage. I play SF4 more than SCIV at this point, and I get angrier and angrier every time I get...
  11. Laswagga

    Arrogance VS Confidence: Where is the line?

    This is a question i've been thinking about a lot recently for two reasons. 1] My experience with Street Fighter has really brought a lot of my trash talk into the light for me. When I bought the game, I was sure that i'd be able to win from the start with no practice. Its been three months...
  12. Laswagga

    So, how would you explain the importance of...

    An Arcade stick for games such as BlazBlue, Street Fighter 4, Arcana heart, or King Of Fighters XII to someone who knows absolutely nothing about gaming or how their difficulties vary? I've been having this problem, you see I want an arcade stick because once these games come out (Safe of SF4)...
  13. Laswagga

    MVC2 demo....Sigh...they got us again...

    So, who else is completely aggrovated by the fact that the new MVC2 demo is 2 player only? What kind of BS is that......Fuck you Capcom, I knew you'd pull something underhanded but I didn't know you'd sink this low.
  14. Laswagga

    We all have a theme song

    Whats yours? Now by theme song, I mean. When you're playing your favorite game (going pro, or casually) what gets you into it? What type of music or what song do you feel really defines your skill/drive as a gamer? After a long day of losing matches against players that you know should not...
  15. Laswagga

    Street Fighter 4: ....Screw it, I tried.

    Alright, so after playing this game since the day it came out its been the same bullshit over and over again. Ken, RYu, akuma, and Sagat's bullshit uppercuts that people LOVE to abuse the shit out of. Honda, Blanka, dictator, and claw doing the exact same shit. Charge, fly at you, turtle...
  16. Laswagga

    What are you working on?

    I like to consider most of the things I play/do "working on" something. So far, the games i'm working on are: -Street Fighter IV. I'm trying to take it to tournaments along side my SCIV and KZ2 skills. -Littlebigplanet. I can't make a level for SHIT. It just keeps falling apart. -Unreal...
  17. Laswagga

    My first "Real" tournaments outcome.

    I had fun. I didn't make it far! but I had fun and I learned alot. I guess thats the best I can hope for without any real competition where I am that i'm actually in contact with. I learned to go "back to the basics" with my setsuka and get in touch with some classic side-stepping, BB action...
  18. Laswagga

    Damn DNS error is going to drive me insane!!!!

    My PS3 has just randomly started getting DNS errors for no reason. I've tried everything possible to fix the problem, but everything i've tried only works as a temporary fix because if I turn the PS3 off, i'm having the same problem again. Any ideas on permanent fixes? Normally i'd figure it...
  19. Laswagga

    My first "Real" tournament.

    Atlanta, computer arena April 4th. What should I expect as far as competition goes? I'm not talking georgia competition specifically, but at tournaments like these i'm expecting to see some insane players and I want to know how hard i'm going to have to practice for these next three weeks or...
  20. Laswagga

    agB Applications

    AgB is probably the only move in setsuka's move list that I don't use at all, but i've always been interested in its applications, what moves/stuns make it connect, and when to use it. It'd also be nice if anyone could help me JF it. I'm using a controller, so obvious problems will occur.