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  1. sytus

    Fighting Games General

    Thread to talk about other fighting games. New DLC character has leaked for Samurai Shodown. It's Warden from For Honor.
  2. sytus

    Please update the stream page

    I use this quite a lot but some new fighting games haven't been added to the page like MK11. Can you update it please.
  3. sytus

    Expanding Ivy's Tools

    So I'm finally making an effort to understand Ivy's moves and so far compared to past games, SC6 Ivy is looking to be one of the best if not the best version of her. However I do think she's missing some key tools that I personally think would flesh her out just that tiny bit more without taking...
  4. sytus

    Request: Expert video analysis of Ivy through the series.

    If there's one character I've heard who's gone through drastric changes throughout the series it's Ivy. What I want to know is what's been added, what's been cut, what's changed and overall the improvements and nerfs she's had as well as which version of Ivy is the most fun. It's a big request...