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  1. 100Percent

    The World Ends With You Sequel (?)

    Square Enix put up a countdown site titled Subaseka. Now, this announcement obviously has something to do with TWEWY, what with the music and the countdown starting with 7 days. If this will be a sequel, nonlinear sequel, or prequel, is what I'm wondering. Regardless, words cannot describe how...
  2. 100Percent

    Losing passion

    I gotta admit, I'm losing my passion for creation. I love the new DLC, I download every pack and buy what I think I can use. Still, if I'm ever in creation I'm just editing color palettes. Or even worse, just screwing around with regular characters and fitting them with other regular characters...
  3. 100Percent

    Mob Boss CAS (2nd Attempt at a suit)

    Alright, I made a Mafia Boss. Really, it was me practicing a suited character. VERY open to suggestions. This is my 2nd attempt, only one worth showing. Soul of Maxi. Hats definitely not perfect, added the pattern to avoid the hat looking too straw like. The vest is actually a spy...
  4. 100Percent

    Xibas birthday

    Anyone else find it funny how he was born on 420, national weed day, Hitlers birthday? Lol!