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  1. Tiamat

    Growlanser: Wayfarer of Time

    My most anticipated game of the year is coming out next week. I know there are a couple other people here who like Growlanser so I hope you'll be picking it up too. If you have a psp and you like jrpgs I don't think you can go wrong with this. Trailer...
  2. Tiamat

    Civil War 4 Results

    1st. Tiamat (:sc5nm1: , :sc4alg1: ) 2nd. Boom (:sc2yos2: , :sc2mit2: ) 3rd. Uncle Jemima (:sc2yos2:) 4th. Ramification (:sc2yos2: , :sc5nat1: ) 17 entrants. Waited to see if the organizer would post the results but doesn't look like it will happen so I'm posting it. It was done on a paper...
  3. Tiamat

    Nightmare Guide for SCV

    SC5 Nightmare Guide The purpose of this guide is to help players develop their Nightmare gameplay. This is mostly targeted at newer players or people picking up Nightmare for the first time but it may prove helpful to others as well. This guide shows you the tools available for various tasks...
  4. Tiamat

    Algol Video Thread

    Online matches vs Kvasir (Maxi) I am aware that my meter usage is so bad that it makes children cry. Feedback is appreciated.
  5. Tiamat

    Algol Matchup Reference

    I will add to this when I see matchup info. Feel free to make an individual thread for any mathcup you wish to discuss. I will link to the threads from here once they are made. punish heirarchy FC A < FC 3B/WR KK < 4BA < 66B < WR B (only stronger than 4BA is you use meter) K/AA/2A < BB < 4BA <...
  6. Tiamat

    Frame Data Discussion

    I don't have the frame data and I'm currently looking for a way to get +0 on hit or block for testing. Findings so far CH 1K is now neg frames 6K and 3K now + on hit 6(B) NSS K is no longer a frametrap, it's awful 4A and CE are + on guard FOUND IT. WR K is +0 on hit. gogogo speed levels (I...
  7. Tiamat

    Nightmare Video Thread

    Post new videos here. The pre-release video thread has been locked but you can still reference it if you wish. The rule from the old thread no longer applies. Feel free to both post and discuss videos within this thread.
  8. Tiamat

    Algol Combo & Tech Trap Discussion

    Discuss Algol's combos and tech traps here. Verified combos will be added to the list in this thread.
  9. Tiamat

    Algol Combos & Tech Traps

    Here is a list of combos for Algol. Note that the damage may change a few points depending on opponent actions but these should all be guaranteed unless otherwise noted. Damage also assumes you did not get any clean hits. QI=41236 flip CE1=CE level 1 CE or CE2=CE (full) Natural combos: AA (24)...
  10. Tiamat

    Algol Forum Directory

    Welcome to the Algol Soul Arena. This is the place for gameplay related information and discussion for Algol in SCV. To discuss story related matters go here. General Discussion/Q&A Combos and Tech Traps Combo and Tech Trap Discussion Algol Wiki Discussion Thread If you have any questions or...
  11. Tiamat

    Algol General Discussion/Q&A

    Welcome to the Algol General Discussion/Q&A thread. This is the thread for general discussion and any questions you may have about Algol's gameplay.
  12. Tiamat

    Nightmare Combo & Tech Trap Discussion

    Discuss Nightmare's combos and tech traps here. Verified combos and tech traps will be added to the list in this thread. Until the official release I will probably not add any combos or tech traps to the main listing.
  13. Tiamat

    Forum Directory

    Welcome to the Nightmare Soul Arena. This is the place for information and discussion about Nightmare's gameplay in SCV. To discuss story related matters go here or I will probably nuke your thread/post. Below is a list of links to various threads of interest Combos and Tech Traps...
  14. Tiamat

    Nightmare Combos & Tech Traps

    Combos GS = Grim Stride. Can enter with 236, 33B6, etc NSS = Night Side Stance. can enter with B+K, WR (B), etc Natural Combo: AA (34) (A) > NSS K (32) note: must hit close 3AA (52) NSS (A) > NSS K (38) note: must hit close NSS (A) > NSS b:A (74)* *this is insanely range dependant and...
  15. Tiamat

    Nightmare Frame Data

  16. Tiamat

    Nightmare General Discussion/Q&A

    Welcome to the Nightmare Q&A/General Discussion thread. This thread is for gameplay related Q&A and discussion and will be the only stickied topic open to replies. To discuss story matters please go here Ask/Discuss away!
  17. Tiamat

    Nightmare Movelist Changes for SCV

    All comparisons are to SC4 Nightmare. This list will be updated as new information becomes available. Please post here to discuss changes and I will add to this post when I can. New attacks: WR A - high claw swipe with attack throw 44A - horizontal mid with knockdown on hit WR K - mid...
  18. Tiamat

    Nightmare Pre-release Video Thread

    I've noticed that the same videos have been posted more than once, so I think it would be a good idea to just post any new videos here first. For discussion just use the other threads and put a link to the vid you are talking about in your post. Let's try to keep this thread just for video...
  19. Tiamat

    Nightmare "Card" Download

    I was talking to TadeMasu in chat and somehow remembered I have this odd "card" I got from some SC website. It has a video showing a GS that hits the opponent. I'm putting a download for anyone interested. I'm sure we can all agree GS hitting the opponent would be a nice upgrade for SC5, lol...
  20. Tiamat

    Monster Hunter Tri

    Monster Hunter Tri is finally out in the US, anyone else got it? This is the first Wii game I've played in a long time. I used to play the original one a long time ago...but anyway been very pleased with this one so far. The underwater fighting is cool.