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    Whos the best?

    I forgot all about LP. I knew I was forgetting someone. Thanks guys, I think I can take it from here.
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    Whos the best?

    Sounds about right. I only ask because hes all I could find when I did a quick search through youtube about the recent Soul Calibur V events since 2012.
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    Whos the best?

    I recently turned on SCV after swearing it off when it first came out because of a lack of Setsuka and how disappointed I was with Alpha Patroklos as her replacement. I recently turned the game on, played a long set of it with a friend of mine and after a long discussion and coming to terms with...
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    You guys are comedians.

    You guys are comedians.
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    The next Natsu player to try to tell me that its easy to block ninja bombs on PSN, is getting...

    The next Natsu player to try to tell me that its easy to block ninja bombs on PSN, is getting stabbed in the face.
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    Does this apply to me if I actually like the patch?
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    Official Soulcalibur V 1.02 Patch Notes!

    Dear Leixia, Rest in peace you easy little bitch. Now maybe I can actually start playing some Soul Calibur, instead of "sit and wait for Leixia to be on fire calibur".
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    Essential Just Guards

    Leixia: WR B (BE) Just guard the last hit and punish the little bitch heavily for doing it. I want to see this move completely taken out of Leixia's movelist. Tired of seeing it and it doesn't work.
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    Alpha Patroklos matchups discussion

    Sooooo, aPat vs Siegfried. I don't see how i'm supposed to punish this guy...
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    STOP CROUCHING!: Throw Break Notes

    I will really look into all of the things you guys have posted over the past 3 days and edit the list accordingly, thanks for all the additions. Hopefully this will be as useful to plenty of other people as it has proven to be for me. I literally COULDN'T break throws properly before, but at...
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    STOP CROUCHING!: Throw Break Notes

    Thanks Hates i'll fix that up asap, Everyone can feel very welcome to correct things you see on this list thats wrong. I don't play all of these characters to even a fraction of their potential so i'm almost positive things can be corrected.
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    STOP CROUCHING!: Throw Break Notes

    Its also worth mentioning that some characters have more dangerous Okizeme from throws than others. We all know how scary Voldo is when hes standing ontop of us right? Keep these things in mind. I will (try to) make another write up on what characters are best/worst on okizeme after a throw.
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    STOP CROUCHING!: Throw Break Notes

    As I pack my bags to head to Final Round, I decided to try to address some of my personal demons to better prepare myself for what may come my way during this week end. So I did some lab-work and came up with this tiny little idea for learning which throws to break and why i'm breaking them. My...
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    Patroklos Q&A/Discussion Thread

    Well he ain't top 3 like Foster-mom was, but hes solid enough to be upper-mid. He might move up as the game gets older, but I suspect he'll probably go down once people really figure the game out.
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    So....Setsuka Players....

    Its only funny because the people who actually used Setsuka share my pain, lol. I didn't even read the rest of this thread.
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    So....Setsuka Players....

    ..I want my character in the game...or not at all.....Everything else is a lie. :( Maybe thats just my love for Setsuka.
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    So....Setsuka Players....

    Is anyone else completely offended by the fact that she not only got taken out of the game, but was then replaced by a "soul" of her that LACKED an umbrella? Come on Namco, you're just being jerks with this one.
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    Hate Speech: Theory Fighter University: Remedial Math

    This is a great article. I haven't paid attention to the other ones, and probably won't go back and look at them. But i'll definitely be keeping up with them from now on. Good stuff Hates.
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    guys who playing as female characters (all genders welcome)

    ^Way to be a mood kill. I identify with my character, and my characters represent a part of my personality that I can't in the real world and relate to how my imagination has always worked, even as a child. I often consider my characters my friends, people that I care about and what to bring...