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  1. ablu

    Modding SoulCalibur 3

    So its not possible for links moveset to be ported on Xbox and PS2?
  2. ablu

    Modding SoulCalibur 3

    i believe the reason links moveset doesn't work because most files in the gamecube version are .unk File 2 must be .mot And File 3 must be a Package file in order the other two systems can recognize them
  3. ablu

    Soulcalibur 2 Query Mod

    nice mod you got there :)
  4. ablu

    Modding Soul Calibur III (UPDATED - 18.09.2020)

    so is there no texture programs for sc2 and sc3 for the playstation 2? And modding sc2 on the xbox is a pain it crashes sometimes during gameplay
  5. ablu

    Modding SoulCalibur 2

    you need olk explorer here
  6. ablu

    Modding SoulCalibur 3

    how do i open this olk file i need help
  7. ablu

    Modding SoulCalibur 3

    WOAH Topaz you got inferno in the game
  8. ablu

    Modding SoulCalibur 2

  9. ablu

    Modding SoulCalibur 2

  10. ablu

    Modding SoulCalibur 2

  11. ablu

    Modding SoulCalibur 2

    hey topaz can you please send me a link for Greed xplorer
  12. ablu

    Welcome Back to the Stage of History... Inferno?

    so guys what should the alternative costume be
  13. ablu

    Patch that enables all 3 guest characters in one system rom.

    cool i wish i could play this your xbox broke :(
  14. ablu

    To All 8wayrun that are intrested in Modding

    where can i download this
  15. ablu

    Soul calibur 2 Destiny Mod

    i saw your video on youtube good job putting inferno in soulcalibur 3
  16. ablu

    Soul calibur 2 Destiny Mod

    can i please i want play as inferno i saw the gameplay of it the music sucks i know i will fix the music back
  17. ablu


  18. ablu

    Soul calibur 2 Destiny Mod

    do you have the mod can you pm me
  19. ablu

    does anyone have soulcalibur 4 install file for xbox 360

    ok thats fine i was willing to gameshare to get the file but thats fine thanks for the tip i will rent the game instead