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  1. Tanegashima

    Random Post Thread

    Noob question, what happened to Idle?
  2. Tanegashima

    Replace one word in a movie title with "Sh*t"

    Shit on a Hot Tin Roof Shit-hand Luke Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Shit The Maltese Shit Shit of Legend Shit Kong Shitzilla RoboShit The Jurassic Shit Under Shit House of Flying Shit A Dangerous Shit Driven to Shit Today You Shit Out for Shit Into the Shit Free Shitty Passion of the Shit...
  3. Tanegashima

    Lost Swords

    I liked the O Rly owl the best of the randoms. Besides SC needs some comic relief now that Lizardman is trying to be a serious character. Anyway since Lost Casuals is obsessed with strings I hope that Cervantes gets back his SB , AAA, BBA and AAB. Probably not going to happen but it would...
  4. Tanegashima

    Who is your favorite (human) sword and shield user?

    Colossus gets no love?
  5. Tanegashima

    Random/Fun SC Facts

    I can't believe I even remember most of this stuff. Seong Mi-na's hair has changed colors more than any other character in the series. In SB its black, SC brown, SCII+SCIII Red and in SCIV brown again. The woman just can't make up her mind. The Evil Seed was born from the male Soul Edge...
  6. Tanegashima

    Daishi no longer works at Project Soul

    I will miss his silly wig antics.
  7. Tanegashima

    Gamers Against Bigotry

    Not cool, Ghengis. That attitude is going to lead every woman to be married to Henry Winkler (or whoever the international hearthrob of the day is).
  8. Tanegashima

    Soul Calibur Developers will help in the new super smash bros 4 wii u

    It's a famous misquote of "Tiers Don't Exist" done buy someone arguing that Melee had no tiers that kinda took off.
  9. Tanegashima

    Vell, Tanegashima iz just zis guy, you know? He was also voted the worst dressed sentient being...

    Vell, Tanegashima iz just zis guy, you know? He was also voted the worst dressed sentient being in the universe for the seventh time.
  10. Tanegashima

    Soul Calibur Developers will help in the new super smash bros 4 wii u

    But didn't the developers say that any depth that was in Meele was completely unintentional and they would do their best to purge it to ensure that "Tires don exits"?
  11. Tanegashima

    Dragon's Dogma

    No one is going to mention how annoying the voice acting is? I mean I have played Resident Evil, Shining Force Neo, Chaos Wars, hell I thrive on bad voice acting in general. But this is just too much. They say the same things repeatedly in the worst olde english I have ever heard. They are...
  12. Tanegashima

    The AMAZING SC5 Online General Discussion Thread

    I mean they have to learn ways around that sort of thing sometime. There is going to be a learning curve they have to deal with anyway so it is probably better to get the experience earlier rather than later. I dunno, maybe I'm wrong but thats just me.
  13. Tanegashima

    Sett's Set of Setty CAS's

    Elysia is the only character with that hat I have ever liked. Usually it just gives off a Little-bo peep vibe not a classy one. Anyway, great job.
  14. Tanegashima

    Tekken Tag Tournament 2: Unlimited

    I think they are saying in Tekken 7. In this game they can do whatever they want with the plotline but in the next one they have to pull a plot out of their ass to justify bringing back Jun or whoever else they want to return.
  15. Tanegashima

    Why is smoking legal?

    He has freely admitted it himself online. I am not trying to air his dirty laundry or anything.
  16. Tanegashima

    Why is smoking legal?

    Tittysprinkles. Anway it is kinda hypocritical to bash damn-I-Suck for his pot use when Lobo and several other members do the same thing. The way I see it if they aren't hurting anyone I don't really care.
  17. Tanegashima

    Why is smoking legal?

    Wasn't it thought that either unrefined hashish from Nepal or headache medicine led to Bruce Lee's death (not really conclusive either way)? On the topic of smoking. My main beef with it is that women who smoke greatly increase their risk of having unhealthy premature babies. Normally I...
  18. Tanegashima

    Why is everyone a dick on 8wr?

    Yeah, getting called a scrub can be just the kick in the pants you need to motivate you to improve your game. Nothing wrong with it in and of itself. Ring said The mods do have to sort of walk a tight rope to be fair. You want to put them down to motivate improvement or at least stop them...
  19. Tanegashima

    .hack//Versus A The World fighting game.

    I totally don't get the plot of .Hack anyway. Several of my friends are huge fans so they always try to explain it to me. So why are people playing this game which puts them in comas? I get that they are trying to save people (usually people they have never even met in person) but seriously...
  20. Tanegashima

    If there were CaS styles besides Devil Jin...

    I kinda liked Hualin.......