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  1. Ragnarok Tyr

    The End of Days [PC Tournament]

    We at the #TheVoidStream are announcing: The End of Days An Online Tournament held on April 18th @ 7pm est over STEAM … See Rules & Details for more Info Commentary - @KingTomahawk & 1 open guest spot 1st Place Prize = 100% of the pot up...
  2. Ragnarok Tyr

    Arena of Destiny 12.23.18 Uploads

    WhoDat_TBFN (Azwel) vs LiquidSnake (Nightmare) FT3 TheRealVman (Tira) vs SA Rob (Ivy/Taki) THE GOD MATCH w/Youtube exclusive bonus ending FT3 CarbonClyve (Ivy) vs Big Bunny (Azwel) ps. Whose Mans Is This? Outfit. FT5 The Reggae Quit Manta (Voldo) vs C88 ChernyyVolk (Yoshimitsu) FT5 AG...
  3. Ragnarok Tyr

    Arena of Destiny Playlist 11.24.18 - Open Weekly Exhibitions

    Arena of Destiny. Sundays at 8pm est live on Twitch: Https://Twitch.Tv/Ragnarok_FGC sign ups held every week on Twitter @ Https:// Match list is as follows: BigBunny (Sophitia) vs SCRP Blackmore (Seong Mi-Na) FT3 H4zard (Raphael) vs AG Barkels (Siegfried) FT3 King...