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  1. Harry

    If you run forward for about one second you start building meter.

    That's about it. I never noticed it till today. Just thought I'd post for those who don't know that.
  2. Harry

    Testing I did for how safe sidestep/backdash are.

    Today I decided to test how safe sidestep and backdash are because I haven't seen hard numbers on it. Only people saying it's safer than it was in SCV which isn't that helpful. How I tested was with Sophi and Sophi since there is frame data available for her. I set the cpu to 1st action guard...
  3. Harry

    Should we go back to FT2 for SCVI tournaments?

    I want to know what the think community thinks we should do in regards to the rules about length of tournament sets. Before SCV and for the first few months of SCV's release, sets were FT2. The high damage output, and the fact that MLG preferred to run things on FT3, made the community want to...
  4. Harry

    Evo Japan

    I'm planning on going to Evo Japan next year, and I want to know if any US SCV players would be interested in going, so that we could possibly organize a side event at Evo Japan for SCV. I think it would be a great opportunity to play many of the Japanese players we've never had a chance to play...
  5. Harry

    New to 8wr

    Hello everyone, I'm new to 8wr. I've been playing Soul since Soul Blade but have only recently started thinking about becoming a competitive player. Favorite is Taki I'm maining Natsu for SCV and I'm decent at best but hope to become better.