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  1. Sora

    EVO 2K12 MM Room (Sat, July 7)

    Hi everyone, Here are the videos that we recorded during EVO weekend. We have a bunch of good matches from all the major regions. I also added commentary and background noises to keep the recording as live and 'hyped' as possible. :) Hope you enjoy. PS. Apologies for some of my inaccurate...
  2. Sora

    [Jul 4, 2012] Pre-EVO Independence Day Tournament - Immortal Gamers League (Las Vegas, Nevada)

    Hi everyone! For those of you arriving early for EVO, we have a treat for you. Immortal Gamers League, the local FG group here is holding a July 4th event! Come out for drinks, BBQ and get your practice on for EVO! The venue close to the strip and about 5-10 minutes away from Caesar's. You...
  3. Sora

    NCR 2012 Results

    Great tournament turnout guys! (~100 participants) Results are below: 1st - Nofacekiller 2nd - Alex 'Popoff King' J. 3rd - Xeph 4th - Signia 5th - Hates, Snort 7th - Genver, Cedric Give your shoutouts in this thread! Again, good seeing everyone, and hope to see you all again (and actually...
  4. Sora

    Ivy Patch Notes 1.02 & 1.03 Discussion

    Patch notes are out! They're currently in Japanese, but we're expecting the English version today as well. UPDATE! English version now out! DISCUSS...
  5. Sora

    SC5 Setsuka

    I will let the image, and thread, speak for itself. One interesting thing about this CAS, when you do her right side throw, she actually says 'just die'.
  6. Sora

    [Las Vegas, NV] SINCalibur: Check first post for weekly updates!

    Viva Las Vegas Calibur! New game, new thread (and a user who can actually put stuff on the first post) This thread will serve as our main hub (for now) of weekly gatherings, tournament announcements and other stuff you guys find around Vegas. This first post will be updated regularly with...
  7. Sora

    The real final boss of SC5 is... (spoiler alert)

    ... MCZ Kayane. I am in awe of how CLOSE Namco got this AI Leixia (who is named MCZ Kayane in Quick Battle - word for word) to the playstyle of the real Kayane. She makes full use of her safe advancing kicks and can punish like an effer. The only thing missing is the BE whoring. :p You had to...
  8. Sora

    The Street Fighter (Mini Webisodes)

    Episode 1 Initial Thoughts: Surprisingly a really fantastic start. I had really mediocre expectations on this from the trailer, but they really invested on the acting and plot here (perhaps even more than stuff about the game itself). For a no-low budget film, good acting and plot is saying...
  9. Sora

    The Tournament Chronicles: Why do you play?

    Okay, as Evo is coming up this week (get hype), I feel that this discussion will provide some food for thought for the vast pool of players competing in the tournament. Now, I've heard all the thrash talking between the top players, the repping from the different regions, the, forgive me...
  10. Sora

    Picking up Setsuka (ie: I've officially gone mad)

    Hey guys, so as I apparently have a knack of picking up characters with insanely difficult movelists, I've decided to pick up Setsuka as a 2nd main/secondary. Probably will not even get her up to par in time for Evo; this is just moreso for the fun of it (and taking a break from the full-time...
  11. Sora

    Competitive Gaming Survey (Need help)

    Disclaimer: I have already asked Jaxel on doing this survey here in 8wr, and this is a college market research project. Hey guys, I need some help in getting people (gamers) in answering this survey. It's about competitive gaming and its for a business class I'm taking in my senior year. It's...
  12. Sora

    May be an industry first, or an industry classic

    Capitalizing on release much? Feb 27 release. o.O I didn't know the movie industry would... ehem... resort to such tactics to sell a movie.
  13. Sora

    Spacing & Sidestep-Catching

    Hi guys! So as I'm continuing to study/master Ivy; I've been racking my brain in trying to find out her best counter-step moves. I think it's particularly tricky with Ivy since you have to have a good anti-step or two for each stance. o.o; The problem is, each stance's anti-step is not as...
  14. Sora

    Wreaking Havoc in Wolfkrone: The anti-Hilde thread

    Well, since the whole banning talks are now over, I'm guessing its now time to find out what actually works AGAINST this goddess of a character. I'l give out my own opinions, people can tell me if I'm right or wrong on these and can add their own as well. 1. Throws work to an -extent-...