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  1. Sora

    Hitbox Review

    Honestly, I failed. :S I couldn't get it consistent enough at the time to justify the vid. Drake up there got it more consistent than I did back then. And, I essentially had a time limit before the Huffer bros needed to get new content out. The result, was the Zero tutorial for Marvel. If I had...
  2. Sora

    Hitbox Review

    Thanks Drake for the shout. Haha. :) This is an awesome review, and one that I find a lot agreeing with--even the negatives. Two things I want to highlight: Concerning 2D games, I know personally that I have a tendency to overshoot, both on stick and pad, during complicated motions. This leads...
  3. Sora

    Yup, that video is in the works too.

    Yup, that video is in the works too.
  4. Sora

    Playing Hit Box in SC5

    Thanks to the Hitbox guys for putting this together. Glad to help. :)
  5. Sora

    [Northern California] Norcal Crab Shack

    So I heard Alex was thrash talking the Vegas scene? :( Lol.
  6. Sora

    MLG Summer Arena: Results!

    Keev went 0-3? Did NOT see that coming. Gratz to LP! Long time coming. Also, shoutouts to Kinetic for running 2-3 against SU. This is a genuine comment -- you are now officially a serious threat, if you weren't already after EVO.
  7. Sora

    Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate

    All for lows not tech crouching... such as stupid option select. :(
  8. Sora

    Summer Fighter Arena August 10th

    Keev be trollin'.
  9. Sora

    [Las Vegas, NV] SINCalibur: Check first post for weekly updates!

    Despite popular belief and contradicting words from my own mouth, I've decided to stay active in this game post-EVO (I'll just take Marvel and DOA as seriously lol). We gathered a considerable amount of interest after EVO, and it would be a shame to just abandon a great game. Updating the...
  10. Sora

    SCV Ivy FAQ & General Discussion

    11[A] breaks in 10 or 11. Other than that, nothing. Not too sure about counting out 1B just yet. For reasons that I'm not too sure of myself. Does 8K kill step as well (or maybe better) than 8A does? I've seen 2B hit grounded, though not consistently. The rest I can agree with.
  11. Sora

    [Las Vegas, NV] SINCalibur: Check first post for weekly updates!

    I would, but isn't the rule something like 'Don't go if you can't go to Japan?'
  12. Sora

    [Las Vegas, NV] SINCalibur: Check first post for weekly updates!

    Glad to hear. It's going to be on 360's, so please plan on bringing a compatible controller/stick. If you only play on PS3, let me know and I'll bring my setup. Thanks,
  13. Sora

    iCS/CS and SS information

    Take this with a grain of salt, but it feels like its 60 frames after the last 6.
  14. Sora

    Shred apart! Ivy Punishment Charts

    Amen. I don't know how people fight at tip range with her, since whiffing even one of her mid range moves = death.
  15. Sora

    SoulCast Episode #12: Something-Unique

    SU was solid as f*** during EVO. Good shit to him and this interview. He's definitely proven himself, if people still even doubted his skill.
  16. Sora

    Had a good time playing against KDZ yesterday... shenanigan wars.

    Had a good time playing against KDZ yesterday... shenanigan wars.
  17. Sora

    It's "Classic HD Port Announcement" Day! (MvC and NiGHTS)

    FINALLY. I can finish Nights after so many years! I only had the demo when I was a kid.
  18. Sora

    Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate

    Really REALLY interested in this game now (if I wasn't already). Looks like Sarah kept her moveset intact so far... NOICE.
  19. Sora

    Good Laptop Brands?

    Toshiba's been good to my friends in Asia in particular, and they know their laptops. Might be a hit or miss scenario. I'm personally rocking an Acer and am very content with it. On the more budget side, I would go with a Lenovo. HP and Dell are pretty notorious for that, but there are ways...
  20. Sora

    SCV Ivy Video Thread

    Match 2 was just... awful. Lol. I wasn't expecting the 3B to hit the wall and randomly got a 1B out. FC1B G 6b8, no matter how many times I practice this move, it just effs up on me at times. I think I have it about at 95% at the time, which would mean around 80% in tournaments. Also, I'll post...