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  1. microgamer

    Fc a+g/b+g

    Sorry if this doesn't need it's own thread etc. Anyone know the frame/damage information regarding the FC A+G/B+G against grounded? The pickup version as well as the flip-them-over version, and the instances that determine which version you get.
  2. microgamer

    Rock Band Network

    So if you haven't heard, the Rock Band Network is live. If you don't know what it is, basically it's a interface where the bands themselves can independently submit their own content for download to play in RB2. I myself have taken part with the authoring of a handful of tracks and this has been...
  3. microgamer

    Yoda's Command Throw

    I don't know if this was already discovered or not (people hardly care about Yoda in the first place, and I searched for it too), but I just found out that you can do input for more damage on his command throw. All I did was :2::8::B:+:G: and then spammed directional inputs and Yoda continued to...