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  1. microgamer

    Soulcalibur Lost Swords Beta Test Announced...

    While looking at the screenshots, it took me the longest time to realize that Sophitia technically wasn't in SCV.
  2. microgamer

    [Oregon] PSC4 Networking

    I'm moving around end of August, but I'll be down to visit the league to play some SCV matches before I leave. I know another local guy who's really good too. Just PM me and we can get something organized.
  3. microgamer

    Kinetic Clash Wins EVO 2013 SC5!

    I'm happy that Kinetic won, even with Viola, because at least his Viola isn't a two-trick pony (from what I saw in pools). He utilizes her movelist way more than simple orb pressure and 44A BE.
  4. microgamer

    Z.W.E.I. General Discussion/Q&A

    Zane's ZWEI gives RTD his first loss in the EVO 2013 side tourney!!!
  5. microgamer

    Awesome Soul Calibur Cosplay

    Pretty bomb Viola cosplay from Anime Expo 2013 Day 3
  6. microgamer

    SoulCast #28: The WerewolfCast

    I haven't actually listened to the podcast, but I'm interested since I want to see ZWEI used more. Main reason I'm posting is to thank whoever changed the home page image of this post.
  7. microgamer

    Obligitory Animes Thread

    I'm enjoying Attack on Titan, but the fact that episodes end in cliffhangers consistently is getting old. I mean, no one really likes cliffhangers, but I don't think it's a good for pacing, especially if it's every episode.
  8. microgamer

    Obligitory Animes Thread

    Pretty much what Xemuht said. It's got good action and the animation is great since it came out fairly recently. IIRC, the anime story ends differently than the manga, so the series concludes rather abruptly, but it's definitely recommendable all in all.
  9. microgamer

    Obligitory Animes Thread

    In other news, Sailor Moon SH Figuarts is still happening.
  10. microgamer

    Obligitory Animes Thread

    Guess I should get around to finishing the first Railgun season. I actually found Railgun to be more consistently entertaining than Index, not because of moe, but I guess the focus was on less characters to make it easier to follow and more engaging.
  11. microgamer

    Obligitory Animes Thread

    Are you watching season 1 or are you watching season 2 After Story? If anything I'd categorize it as HS romance; it has elements of slice-of-life, but usually that means that the story arcs in each episode are independent of each other, as opposed to story arcs that take place over multiple...
  12. microgamer

    Obligitory Animes Thread

    My tastes may be slightly different than yours, but you can try Ghost in the Shell, Gurren Lagann, Code Geass, and/or Eden of the East.
  13. microgamer

    Final Round XVI Results & Aftermath

    I'm so glad I caught dat dropkick live. 1:28:33 for the round.
  14. microgamer

    LINK Charity Tournament - SCV GF - OmegaXCN (Natsu) Vs demABCs (Patroklos)

    OmegaXCN is so good, he can win even with the racist commentary on the mic. XD at the GF prize.
  15. microgamer

    Guard Impact in Soul Calibur V

    I always need to be reminded of GIs, especially with playing as Nightmare where meter usage is mostly for combos.
  16. microgamer

    Obligitory Animes Thread

    Anyone see Wolf Children Ame and Yuki yet?
  17. microgamer

    Obligitory Animes Thread

    We share quite a bit of stuff and generally agree on taste. The only shows I've kept up with recently are Jojo and Psycho Pass.
  18. microgamer

    Obligitory Animes Thread

    Agreed. I like how the plot incorporates the premise of the sibyl system with the excitement of the crime investigations; whereas, most of the episodes before have been one or the other.
  19. microgamer

    Zwei Video Thread

    B+K BE to A+G throw was pretty funny
  20. microgamer

    Obligitory Animes Thread

    Baseball and school festival episodes are rather common too.