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  1. taffertier

    Which SCV Newcomer deserves to stay the most?

    Yes he was but we dont know if it was a fatal stabbing. Nothing that happened on screen should leave you to believe he's dead. All we know is he got stabbed and he fell off a cliff of unknown height and killing potential.
  2. taffertier

    Which SCV Newcomer deserves to stay the most?

    But ZWEI fell off screen too. We didnt even see him hit the ground. For all you know he's still falling. Technically his death wasnt real either then.
  3. taffertier

    @maximilian_ Breaks Down the Latest Famitsu Article

    Max made it sound like you couldnt move at all in SCV when i never really had that problem. Same with him saying GIs were basically removed from the game when they were actually really strong in SCV. Personally i just want them to maybe tone down the amount of time you are vulnerable from step...
  4. taffertier

    Which SCV Newcomer deserves to stay the most?

    Sophitia died in the story as well, i guess that confirms she is gone forever too. So sad! :^)
  5. taffertier

    Which of the "New" Characters from V Would You Like to Return?

    I could only pick two so it was Zwei and Viola, not just cause they were my mains but because it never feels right to just toss away a new unique moveset as you go from one game to the next, it would also be nice to maybe get a proper introduction to whatever their backstory was since SCV was so...
  6. taffertier

    New Trailer from Playstation Experience...

    Also looks like there's two different guards going on. At 1:09 Mitsu is guarding like normal for the first hit and then his weapon shines for a quick second and then weapon glows red, looks like either Just Guard or the game's new form of it? Could be a new mechanic all together as well.
  7. taffertier

    New Trailer from Playstation Experience...

    Going from 4 to 5 i didnt see much of a visual improvement but seeing what 6 has it looks like such a bigger leap, mostly in the environments but even a little in the models. Combos look sick, mostly Roogi's because he was doing so many different things like that low into a launcher along with...
  8. taffertier

    SOULCALIBUR 6 Announced at the TGAs!

    I came as soon as i heard the news. ZWEI WHEN?!
  9. taffertier

    SC Facebook Strives for Activity!

    So Vampires and Golems are fine but werewolves are where you draw the line? As far as i recall magic has always been pretty nonsensical, especially in regards to the effects from Soul Edge. Some people turn into lizards, other people turn into vampires, and still more become whatever the hell...
  10. taffertier

    What character buffs/nerfs would YOU like to see?

    I still think that if Damp could just BE his luck based attacks to always come out or control the random transitions he'd be really quite good. Especially on 623B.
  11. taffertier

    SC Facebook Strives for Activity!

    ZWEI (and EIN) must live. As for winning that tournament thing i dont really care. But if it confirms him and his fighting style is intact then all the better.
  12. taffertier

    What character buffs/nerfs would YOU like to see?

    I mean the damage without any meter is pitiful, but yeah the availability of it that would come from being i14 might be much. Even when without it he's basically just gets a knockdown since the damage is so low. And i'm tempted to say it's more average in range. It's not bad, but i dont know if...
  13. taffertier

    What character buffs/nerfs would YOU like to see?

    It might be much. The range isnt all that great i think and any threat of damage is resource restricted, which doesnt even go up by a lot if he spends it all compared to the one BE, otherwise he's only getting a knockdown and pitiful damage. What he'd get only with meter greeks can get for free...
  14. taffertier

    What character buffs/nerfs would YOU like to see?

    Personally i'd like to see it removed, i made the changes with it in mind since i like the idea of movement being strong but still having that risk of punishment when not used carefully and intently. But the whole merits of this is probably a different topic for system wide mechanics than...
  15. taffertier

    What character buffs/nerfs would YOU like to see?

    Some adjustments i'd like to see for ZWEI. These will just be simple number adjustments, things like frames and damage that i think would go a long way in making him far more competitive without huge overhauls, no new moves or property changes. That way this would work for both a patch job and a...
  16. taffertier

    Harada Teases SOULCALIBUR VI on Twitter?

    Is it really the 20th anniversary already? I guess that's still an accomplishment even if it had to be padded by 4 going on 5 years since the last mainline game.
  17. taffertier

    Meter or Soul charge

    Given a choice of either or, i'd take meter. I just wish they'd expand on it in the next game with more options for using it.
  18. taffertier

    Soul Calibur 6 Discussion

    I wonder if they'll be any balance adjustments. And since it could be considered a "new game" or new release technically they can get away with more patches down the line. I hope they fix some of the whiffing issues.
  19. taffertier

    Looking for Xbox live SCV players

    I'm always interested in playing GT is THE M0ST H1GH.