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  1. whitey

    Selling an NEC multisync EA231wmi

    This is an IPS monitor. If you don't know what that is check out this link. Basically the colors are much better then traditional monitors and at ANY angle it looks good. I know Jaxel has the same exact monitor as me. I've done a ton of gaming on this thing and it is amazing. This goes for...
  2. whitey

    noobz the movie

    you scrubs ready for this? least its not a movie about COD
  3. whitey

    Mount and Musket battalion, who wants in?

    Alright, so there are videos floating around youtube of a "Mount and Blade" mod named "Mount and Musket" and the game looks like a blast. I figured I'd leave this here and see if anyone else might be interested in starting a battalion. MaB looks like a shitty game so I'm going to wait for it...
  4. whitey

    check out my game!

    Hey guys, I know its been a while since the last time I was on here. I just figured I'd leave a link for my flash game here. Lemme know what you think.
  5. whitey

    who had the best e3

    EGM back in the day would run these polls. Figured I'd run one here. Personally I think Sony had the best one. Mag and Mod Nation Racers looks awesome. I can't say that I was a fan though of the motion controllers. I'm also not a fan of the PSP, but I really like the new GO, the download...
  6. whitey

    Morgan Webb on Tyra Banks!?? what the SH*T!?!?!?!? My list to hate on G4 and mainstream gaming in general just keeps growing. found on reddit btw
  7. whitey

    Japan is at it again!!!!

  8. whitey

    Why I got a nintendo 64 back in the day

    After many discussions amongst friends it seems that there is much hate towards the n64 almost 13 years after its launch. Which is understandable, it was the beginning of the end for Nintendo and it didn't have half the games that the PS had But I was digging through my collection to remind...
  9. whitey

    official 8wr moe thread

  10. whitey

    cave story thread

    this game is pure epic. there is no excuse to not play it. if you haven't played it yet, go here and download it it came out in 04'. its a freeware pc game that was translated from japenese. Its like metroid or castlevania. Everything about this game...
  11. whitey

    metal gear solid 4 thread madcore spoilers

    I just beat MGS4, I didn't like it as much as 1 or 2 (1 is my fav, 2 & 3 i like equally, 4 is my least fav) but I still enjoyed it enough to beat it. But Here is one thing that made me go wtf. hideo kojima is credited in the voice credits as "God." Is this just him jokingly calling himself...
  12. whitey

    fun with the new xbl dashboard

    check out my gamer pic on xbl. you can change your character and take a pic of it and not save the changes. So you will have a gamerpic that looks nothing like your avitar, so here is mine (no its not george takei). are there any other exploits people know of? (my gamerpic) (my avitar)
  13. whitey

    bill cosby is at it again!

    chitlin legs
  14. whitey

    A quick question for the Australians here

    I found this article today All i gotta say after reading it (and i know I'm gonna sound like a dumb American) is: "Holy crap you can eat kangaroo!?"" what the hell does it taste like? How hard is it to get your hands on kangaroo meat there...
  15. whitey

    Megaman 9!

    Capcom got it right! the game is hard as shit and the 8bit graphics are awesome! Also love it cause there is none of that sliding or charge beam BS. Best 10 bux you can spend on live imo.
  16. whitey

    32' sony trinitron

    This thing is simply overkill for my room. give me a price, dont be afraid to go low. I bought it broken at a garage sale a few years ago and I fixed it myself and it works like a champ. I'll even throw in the stand!! Sony stands like these go for $90+ new. I live in central Jersey. I am not...
  17. whitey

    Soul Cal 4 for the arcade?

    google failed me. Does anyone know the situation with Soul Cal 4 coming to arcades? Are they gonna wait a year and release it in japan only? Is it out now? Is there no chance in hell of it happening? Ya figure Capcom has the balls to release Street Fighter 4 in arcades and Namco Released Tekken...
  18. whitey

    Fav developer thread

    I always like to bring up this topic, its great way to get to know everyone..anywhoo Treasure is probably my favorite developer...although they've been slipping these past few years (GBA gunstar heroes was a total let down) titles like Gradius V, Ikaruga, Bangai-o, Radiant Silvergun and...