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  1. ShenYu

    [Dec 14, 2012] Singapore vs Taiwan 10v10 Exhibition (Singapore)

    So a lot of people don't know this. But Taiwan has some of the sickest Calibur players around. And it's where a lot of the more interesting/broken tech comes from. So we're pretty excited to hold this 10v10 exhibition vs them and be able to show off some of their amazing talent. Do join us for...
  2. ShenYu

    I love you Tira Forums

    I really really do. No I don't. IN YOUR FACE.
  3. ShenYu

    [May 19, 2012] Singapore vs Hong Kong online 8v8 (Singapore)

    Hey guys. Tonight there will be a online 8v8 featuring some of the top players from both Hong Kong and Singapore. Exact players aren't nailed down but players who will be present are LAU, Chang's Friend, and Knightspirit. On the Singapore side we have Shen Chan, Shen Yuan, probably myself and...
  4. ShenYu

    [Oct 12, 2012] Battlefield Fridays (SC5,UMVC3) (Singapore)

    Find us on Facebook: Weekly tournaments for Soul Calibur V and Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 in Singapore. Battlefield Fridays is held weekly on Fridays at Tough Cookie Gaming...
  5. ShenYu

    Why Hilde was broken in SC4. (The problem with button binds.)

    So I made a post on SRK explaining the real reason why Hilde was broken in response to some people talking about it. But I think this is actually still a pretty big issue that should be fixed in SCV (if it is not already). Below is my quoted post: (Link because Idle made me :|) And here was my...
  6. ShenYu


    So I always thought this move was shit. I mean two hits and the second whiffs most of the time for free punish fun time. What the hell? Well I was playing yesterday and I randomly threw it out once and noticed it actually had a lot of range. Then I tried it more and not only that, at that...
  7. ShenYu

    Voldo Dance 4

    Hay gaes! 0vvdh7ebcdg HQ Download:
  8. ShenYu

    Sith Combo Project: Dark Powers of the Sith

    xAREX5DQ9VQ HQ Download And no, those Starkiller combos can't be teched. (Left tech makes it harder to time though.)
  9. ShenYu

    66_44A+B Block Traps

    No not tech traps. Just situations where they are forced to block or eat damage. And we all know how wonderful 44A+B and 66A+B are for Soul Gauge damage. Any combo into 33KB 44A+B. Can be siderolled to her left. 66A+B or 8B+KB4B will catch them in this case. For characters that aren't Amy...
  10. ShenYu

    Wiki Frame Data I stole the data from a Japanese blog: Feel free to correct.
  11. ShenYu

    Soul Singapore Gathering

    Details here:
  12. ShenYu


    Okay. So I've been playing around with this move in the hopes of finding something new and interesting. Here's what it does: KDs for long enough that 66A+B and 2A+B are guaranteed. The latter case is actually a tech trap but since it also hits grounded... yeah. You have a guaranteed 60dmg...
  13. ShenYu

    SCIV Combos

    List compiled by Sacharja on NC AA - 22dmg 6AK - 28dmg B4B - 29dmg 9B~3B - 50dmg (3B will also tech trap any direction) FC 1KK - 29dmg 2B+K~3B - 55dmg 4B+K~3B - 43dmg 9B+KBB - 50dmg (unsafe if the last hit is JF-teched, otherwise good wakes) 11B~FC 1B - 35dmg 11B~66A+B -...
  14. ShenYu

    General Strategy

    Just X-Copying a couple of my posts from Will probably rewrite these soon. Okay. I just got through a decent play session with Mina. Long story short, if you want to play her the way you did in SC3, you should change characters. She's become pretty much the ranged/spacing character...