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  1. Sporko

    Suirad's secret film debut, Lunopolis

    Why did you never tell us about this?
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    This is my tribute to the Soul Calibur community

    And, to a lesser extent, my favorite character in the history of video games. Mostly, however, this is a representation of how many good friends I have made through this game, and the experience of being part of not just a group of friends or acquaintances, but part of a real community. Much...
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    Felt like this warranted its own thread

    What can I say, I loves me my gimp
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    Voldo Soul Gauge Damage

    Here is a list of the moves that can break gauge, and how many of them it takes to do so on an undamaged gauge. BS 8_9 K, A --- 5 attacks BS 7 K, A --- 5.5 attacks BS 8_9 B,K --- 5.5 attacks BS 7 B,K --- 6 attacks [B+K] --- 6 attacks 6 [A+B] --- 6.33 attacks 66A+B, K --- 6.5 attacks...
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    I'd like to nominate Popeye's as the official food/restaurant of Soul Calibur

    Popeye's is an important institution in the Calibur community. Hurricanes have been braved in order to obtain it. Epic matches have been fought *over* it. Friendships have been forged in the hot, bubbling grease fryers. How important is it? Well, it's gotten casual mentions in the past two...
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    SC5 Voldo storyline speculation

    Voldo is rarely that important to the storyline, and as much as I love our favorite albino freak, that makes sense, as he's generally cast in the passive protector role. Do you think they'll sway from that time-tested trope and give him new direction in these, his Autumn years? (They'd be...
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    So, If Voldo Doesn't Return In SC V, Who Do You Think You'll Use Instead?

    Something I've seemed to notice about Voldo players is 1. A love for the character 2. A dedication to the character. I've noticed very few people have "pocket Voldo". He seems like one of the characters that you either main or don't play. So my question to you all is who do you think you...
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    95% of any and all Voldo questions you could possibly have are answered in these Stickied Threads

    I strongly recommend you take a look through them before you post any questions, as most questions about SC4 Voldo that can be asked already have been, take advantage of the wealth of knowledge presented here.
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    Voldo is Italian.

    Point/Counterpoint Go.
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    How difficult do you feel Voldo is to learn?

    Last week Bibulus and I were talking during one of our practice sessions and he and I were having a discussion about how hard Voldo is to learn compared to the rest of the cast. He thought Voldo was one of the most difficult, and I thought he was one of the easiest. I mean, not Sophie or...
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    Dorito Poll: Cool Ranch or Nacho Cheese?

    Easily every bit as important as coke vs. pepsi
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    SC5 Voldo Wishlist and Discussion

    Voldo is inarguably top tier in this game. Many people, myself included, believe Voldo to be the best character in the game other than Hilde and Algol. As such, there are a lot of Voldo players out there at the moment and more people seem tobe picking him up over time, whether it be for the...
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    Quoted, "How broken is Voldo anyways?"

    I was playing with a friend tonight that I've been trying to teach the game. After beating him 37-0, he asked me a question that has been, in one form another, asked of me from many people who play Soul Calibur. "How broken is Voldo?" My only answer, generally speaking, is "Not as much as...
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    What are your personal weaknesses playing Voldo?

    What are your bad habits? What are the things you do too much or don't do nearly enough? for me, personally -I don't use 2K after BS 1A -I use CR A+B too much. As a result I've gotten good at using it when it *will* help me but I still use it too often when it won't help me. I've...
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    Third? THIRD!? Discuss
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    An idea for a custom stick, could this work?

    I use a regular controller when I play as I can't for the life of me use a joystick. I can somewhat manage a thumbstick, but a full hand joystick I'm just terrible with. I have finger dexterity/coordination, once you add the wrist and the rest of the arm to it, ain't so pretty. I'm also one...
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    An atypical Ethics question/problem from college

    I was looking through some old files recently and found a short paper I wrote for my ethics class. It only had to be a paragraph but I had fun writing it and ended up wroting a page. I'll post my answer in a second, but some of you might end up having fun with this so feel free to post what...
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    Just curious, what do you think of the A+K evades?

    Just what the title says. Do you use them? How useful do you feel they are? Or anything else you feel like saying about them.
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    So I'm almost ready to start a second main...

    In Soul Calibur II I mained Voldo (obviously), and then as secondary mains I played Nightmare, Ivy and Taki with about equal skill (just a smidge under my ability to play Voldo). I skipped SC III, got rusty as hell, and then had to spend a significant amount of time getting my former level of...
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    Is there a difference in 8-way run speed?

    Asking stupid questions is practically becoming a tradition for me at this point but luckily for *me*, any ego I might have had about fighting game skill ended the moment I started reading all the soul calibur forums and realized there were people analyzing freaking frame data and breaking the...