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  1. krazySyko

    Aeon Punishment List & Discussion

    This is a discussion thread. If you are looking for a list of Aeon punishers, go here:
  2. krazySyko

    Zone of the Enders

    There's gotta be more people here who like this series. Anyone up for some discussion of the first two games? Or hopes/ideas for the third? Here's hoping that it has a good, balanced online vs. mode. Or maybe Ken will finally not be a useless pilot if she comes around again!
  3. krazySyko

    Strange combos

    Found two odd combos while in training, want to know if it's even possible in a match with AC. It probably wouldn't be too useful but... 44B (close), 4A+BAB 44b (close), 4A+B 6KKK The timing for the 4A+B is probably at the last possible time you're able to hit them before they hit the...