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  1. KamikazeGopher

    CellFactor: Psychokinetic Wars

    Anyone got this game? Just played it on the PS3 and for $10 its a deal, IMO. Very similar to Shadowrun in a way. Black Ops ftw. Add me if you want some games.
  2. KamikazeGopher

    EGM Closing Down Was a rumor, but its confirmed in that link. Shame cause they seemed to be at least reporting well on FGs in general, with the whole SC4 thing before it hit and a recent SF4 thing that got postponed today.
  3. KamikazeGopher

    Maxi Frame Data

    Full list provided by Sacharja Maxi i13: K/FC 2A i14: A/2A/WS A i15: 1K/6A/WS B/FC 2K/3K i16: B/A+G_B+G/2B/1B/FC 2B/A+B i17: 6B i18: 3B/4B/WS A+B/6A+B i19: 3A/6K/B+K/66B/66B4/33K i20: WS K/33A/44A i21: 2K/66A i22: 4A/4K/2B+K i23: 66B+K i25: 236B/236K/22B/66K i26: 11B i27...
  4. KamikazeGopher

    The team fortress 2 thread

    For all things relating to the awesomeness that is Team Fortress 2 for any system its on. If anyone here has it on PC, ill throw up some Steam IDs on the First page. Steam ID: Kamikaze Gopher Class: Medic Times: Anytime after 6 usually. PM or IM to set something up...
  5. KamikazeGopher

    Xbox Live Thread

    This thread is for: -Matchmaking -Good/Bad Games Shoutouts -To briefly vent about the BS that affects Live -Discussion of Xbox Live games -Listing of Players looking for comp.(Gamertag, Times avalible, extra contact, and games listed)Format below. Often post...
  6. KamikazeGopher

    Maxi Combo Thread

    All credit for this list goes to Rico from W! indicates a wall stun. Natural Combos (NCs) Simple AA (18) BB (26) 3B->RO A (38) 44AB (30) 4AB (50) 4AB,G (40) 4AB4 (56) FC 3AAA (18) 6BB (20) WS KK (33) 4B,B (30) B+K:BBB:A (53) 6B:B:B (55) 2B+K,B side or rear hit (32) 66B4...