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  1. whitey

    A Letter from Jaxel, Owner of 8WAYRUN

    Yeah, they haven't done anything relevant in years and it pains me to admit that. Speaking on the creation of sub-domains, are you considering implementing some sort of approval process instead of just you giving a thumbs up or down? I fear if it was as simple as that it might backfire on ya...
  2. whitey

    A Letter from Jaxel, Owner of 8WAYRUN

    so about this sub-domain design you speak of. How will these sub-domains be created? The first thing that comes to mind is how reddit works with "sub reddits", and basically whoever created the sub reddit is a mod for the sub-reddit. From there users can add it to their list of subscribed subs...
  3. whitey

    The Legend of Korra

    whats killing me right now about the series is that every character that has nothing to do with the original cast (Bolin & Mako) are so horribly fleshed out that I really can give a shit less about them. Besides that I'm loving it.
  4. whitey

    Selling an NEC multisync EA231wmi

    This is an IPS monitor. If you don't know what that is check out this link. Basically the colors are much better then traditional monitors and at ANY angle it looks good. I know Jaxel has the same exact monitor as me. I've done a ton of gaming on this thing and it is amazing. This goes for...
  5. whitey

    noobz the movie

    you scrubs ready for this? least its not a movie about COD
  6. whitey

    The Jaxel-Dome Returns: Soulcalibur V Launch RESULTS

    ^ mfw Serge whipped his dick out^
  7. whitey

    Mount and Musket battalion, who wants in?

    Alright, so there are videos floating around youtube of a "Mount and Blade" mod named "Mount and Musket" and the game looks like a blast. I figured I'd leave this here and see if anyone else might be interested in starting a battalion. MaB looks like a shitty game so I'm going to wait for it...
  8. whitey

    check out my game!

    Hey guys, I know its been a while since the last time I was on here. I just figured I'd leave a link for my flash game here. Lemme know what you think.
  9. whitey

    Bayonetta: "Yo Dante, take five!"

    Famitsu sucks, Bayonetta is sucks, Krypton sucks
  10. whitey

    8way Fashion

    what is this clothes you speak of. all you needs is some tighty whities pic of me working on my computer rocking my pimpin style
  11. whitey

    Sony fails once again.

    wow...way to post a video that's like a year old.
  12. whitey

    Vanguard Princess another Loli fighter...

    okay, wtf. without fail, all the soundtracks from every god damned fighter made by an independent studio from japan all sound the same. its like they all get their soundfonts from the same place. Every song goes one of 2 routes A) violins in the foreground with melody, harmonization with...
  13. whitey

    Billy Mays is DEAD!

    We must post in all caps to honor his life and death
  14. whitey

    My Favorite Final Fantasy Game...

    I really wanna give 9 another chance. back in the day when i played it as soon as i realized they botched the card game i turned the game off and never touched it again
  15. whitey

    Jackson is dead?

    whats the difference between Disney movies and Michael Jackson? Disney movies can still touch children RIP MJ
  16. whitey

    My Favorite Final Fantasy Game...

    Aries dies!!
  17. whitey

    Start a vicious rumour about the poster above you.

    Start a vicious rumour about the poster above ^ she's locked up in his basement
  18. whitey

    Looking for sheet music

    there used to be a site someplace on the internet that sold video game sheet music. It was EXTREMELY expensive. FF6's songbook cost almost 80 bucks back in the late 90s. if you do find someplace where you can buy it, its gonna cost a ton. and unless its a popular mainstream game, you're...