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    Mortal Kombat (2011)

    THIS SHIT IZ RAW!!!!! that is all
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    JI grabs

    Yesterday I was playing online with vader against an apprentice. On the second round I throw out a random GI just as he attempts to throw me...the lag made the GI come out a moment later and I somehow just impacted his throw.... Is this a fluke? Can u really just impact throws? Or has this...
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    Tornado Watch

    yea just moved to Georgia, and im already on tornado watch.... im scared as fuck rite now....shit wish me the best ya'll :-(
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    Brain Teasers

    Yea, I was bored so I decided to look up some logic puzzles.... I found some from and thought i would share some with yall :-) (Quoted directly from the website) "1. Let's say there is a bullet which can shoot through any barrier. Let's also say there is an absolutely...
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    this is important

    Demetri Martin is the best comic ever!!!!!! his jokes actually hav some logic behind them, and a lot go ovr ppl's heads.... which makes him important which makes this thread important just my humble opinion
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    Marvel vs Capcom 2

    Maybe im late, but apparently MvC2 is supposed to be coming to ps3 and 360 via DLC. That will be a great day for human kind, because that will most likely be the highest selling DLC ever, for both systems. If and when it comes out, r u guys gonna be on that more than SC4? Will it become...
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    im new here, and as i go into each forum, i find my self scratching my head in confusion.....i dnt kno wat ws, or wc or wsjv or any of that stuff means.....anyone help me?