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  1. HydroJames

    How Have Tech Shortages Affected You?

    I just want an RX 6800 XT! It’s the last piece to my WIP AMD rig… Unfortunately, GPU are under stocked and overpriced!
  2. HydroJames

    What do you do for a job?

    I work as a part-time assistant at a company that works in rehabilitation and health insurances.
  3. HydroJames

    Coca-Cola vs. Pepsi

  4. HydroJames

    What is your ideal room temperature?

    I would say 68 degrees Fahrenheit or 20 degrees Celsius.
  5. HydroJames

    Soul Calibur Characters for DEATH BATTLE!

    What SC Characters do you want to see in the RoosterTeeth (formally ScrewAttack) series DEATH BATTLE!, and who should their opponent be? Ivy and Nightmare have been in DEATH BATTLE! already to face off against Orchid from Killer Instinct and Guts from Berserk respectively... For SC's...
  6. HydroJames

    Mortal Kombat Fatalities

    Can we some fatalities that are stand-out examples? Kung Lao’s Buzzsaw/Razor’s Edge If I could think of a brutal way to die, it would be being bisected from the groin upwards. By Kung Lao, it happens by razor sharp object...
  7. HydroJames

    To Lend a Soul: Which SC character do you want to voice?

    I heard Talim and Mitsurugi had English voices done by loving fans. So, which character do you have the want or feel to voice?
  8. HydroJames

    Superman: Man of Steel! General Discussion Thread

    I made a thread about Superman, the original Superhero. What is your favorite thing related to Superman? I think the best story for Superman was the comic “What’s so Funny about Truth, and the American Way?” or the animated movie adaptation “Superman Vs. the Elite” as it best captures the...
  9. HydroJames

    How does Soulcalibur VI compare to V (and other previous entries) in terms of gameplay?

    SCVI is still new, so I am still forming opinions. I want to hear what you think so far.
  10. HydroJames

    How Soul Calibur characters are similar to each other...

    Kilik and Grøh Both are pole arms users infected with Soul Edge’s evil energy and are tasked with keeping it under control with the help of an accessory worn on their body. Patroklos and Grøh Both set out on a vendetta against the malfested for the loss of their loved ones. The both see them as...
  11. HydroJames

    Apparently, People are complaining about Reversal Edge. Shall we discuss?

    I heard people are complaining about RE on Reddit forums... Personally, I haven't had many issues with it. Do you think RE is OP?
  12. HydroJames

    Pick an Animal Motif

    Pick any animal, real or fantastic! If I had an animal motif, I would probably pick the lion.
  13. HydroJames

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    Bring back everyone! EVERONE!
  14. HydroJames

    Team Sonic Racing

  15. HydroJames

    Questions Thread for Those Who Have Played the Soulcalibur VI Builds.

    How Does Grøh feel? Does he play like any character that came before?
  16. HydroJames

    GTX 10 Series Out of Stock?! Nvidia Releasing NEW GTX 11 Series?!
  17. HydroJames

    How does weapon balancing work?

    My proposed idea for how weapon balancing should work in Soulcalibur... If a weapon has long reach and high damage, then it is slow. If a weapon is fast and strong, then it has short reach. If a weapon has speed and range, then its attacks will be weak.