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  1. KaijinJin

    Steel City Struggle #1 1/29/10

    Steel City Struggle 1/29/10 SFIV 1: Foleyeffect (Sagat) 2: Toi_Yet (Sagat) 3: Aaron Brooks 4: FenGuard 5: Stargalaqtic 5: SolidOutlaw 7: KaijinJin 7: StrangeAxel 9: Looptron Tekken 6 1: KaijinJin (Paul) 2: Toi_Yet (Bryan) 3: Reydiance...
  2. KaijinJin

    Steel City Struggle:1:Bi-weekly Ranbats:1/15/10

    The Steel City Outfit's 3 Diamond Syndicate's Steel City Tekken and Team Bananas and Ham Presents: Steel City Struggle - Bi-Weekly RanBats Beginning 1/15/10 Location: The Art Institute of Pittsburgh Address: 420 Boulevard of the Allies Pittsburgh PA 15219 Date: Beginning January...
  3. KaijinJin

    [Pittsburgh, PA] Steel City Souls

    A new era in Pittsburgh gaming is beginning. This will be the hub of Calibur play in Pittsburgh (Neo). Direct new players to here to find out when and where we play or suggest a time you want to meet up. Pittsburgh will be ready for Sc4 and you can expect to see us at tournaments. So look out...