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  1. JELLY

    Pad < Stick?

    Or the other way around? I saw two other threads similar to this but they address just the controller and whether the analog stick should be used over the d-pad (or what ever it is for 360). This is about arcade sticks compared to the controller pad of a PS3. Sorry if there's a thread like...
  2. JELLY

    Needs moar fanart

    sup Well this entire board seems dead so here's some stuff. I've got a dA but I hate it so I'll just post things individually. This one's an old drawing that I did before SCIV even came out (which means I didnt know the full story, thus characters that are barely related to Sieg are in...
  3. JELLY

    What does it take

    to be good at this game? Know all the terms? Know how many frames each move has? Or just kinda kick their ass? Just spam everything? Okay so I was kind of lurking and saw all this talk on frames and-- yes okay I'm one of those people that dont even consider frames when playing (should i...