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  1. Jrasta111

    Jrasta's Sketches

    Well... Been a while. I'm not sure I've ever seen the place deader and I was here before SCV... Tis a shame what with SCVI long being a thing at this point and although I have yet to play this what is no doubt a masterpiece of game engineering notwithstanding I've decided to make this little...
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    Official Jrasta Thread
  3. Jrasta111

    The Dragon Speaks

    Everyone is being watched. It is the all-seeing, natural, concept of God. It will always watch, it is everywhere, but it is also nowhere. There is nowhere to hide from it. This is why people become so easily enamoured with the idea of celebrity and fame. They will always search for this...
  4. Jrasta111


    Apologies if there's already a thread like this, lurking somewhere around the back perhaps... Writing the title is more then enough for me, but following recent... Disputes... I've decided to broach the subject... Feel free to discuss, however I doubt I'll post again, not exactly my ideal first...