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    Algol Combo & Tech Trap Discussion

    Hi, a french player find a tips for FC 8B:BE : You can realize a dash between 2 _8B or 2_8B:E So with this tips 4BA, FC 8B:BE, 44B = 84 and not 74. This tips increase a lot of algol's combo like 44B 6 2A+B 6 FC8:BE, 2A+B 6 FC 8BE, 44B = 181, not 164. French gdoc for algol.
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    α Patroklos General Discussion/ Q&A

    Hello, French work (Gold Shad/Maxou/Raziel) for alpha patroklos.
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    Houston regionals results

    No vids of Alpha Male?
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    Tulsa Regional Results

    Very impressive Link. Good job The "hilde" team . Ice very nice Sieg. Not other vids?
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    NorCal SC4 Regionals Results

    Thanks for links. But do you have no other vids of the regional Norcal (brian,you,manta,alex?)? thanks .
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    NorCal SC4 Regionals Results

    Can we see other vids of brian, manta, alex, cernian please.
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    NorCal SC4 Regionals Results

    Very good tournament hilde,cervy,VOLDO very good . I have just a question: WHEN CAN YOU SEE THE VIDS? lol