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  1. coroso4

    SOULCALIBUR 6: News, leaks and information discussion.

    I hope that Bandai Namco doesn’t let a few youtube trolls affect their decision to reveal Maxi as having a male lover. I don’t think it should really surprise anyone. The man is a pirate and, according to the Soulcal wiki, his nickname is ‘The Dandy Of The South Seas’.... (and it's noteworthy...
  2. coroso4

    The future of Soul Calibur

    The community should begin petitioning Project Soul to bring back the beloved characters that made previous Soul Calibur iterations so enjoyable; that is, before development on the next game is under way. Soul Calibur 5 sold considerably less than 4, despite the series being "revamped" with a...
  3. coroso4

    Raphael Combo Discussion

    Not sure if already listed, but against Astaroth- 66A+B, BT B, 236B -is a fun combo that almost always works. Against everyone else I'd just go for 66A+B, BT B+K and then a BT 2K/BT 2B mix-up.
  4. coroso4

    Salty Ezio [Shadow1171x]

    I don't get the salt thing. people are always going to justify their losses, whether internally or formally and ths ezio player, as scrubbish as he was, is right imo that asta is OP. I just don't see why he assumes you think yourself godly, but your sly responses do make you seem unlikeable...
  5. coroso4

    Gay or Straight?

    The proportionally high number of gay members in the soulcal community cannot be mere coincidence. Soul Calibur must've made us gay. We should probably call Ricky Santorum or something
  6. coroso4

    Raphael : Patch Changes and Discussion

    Yeah the crumple only works if they're already stunned (like after 4(b)) or get hit by the last b on counter. But the prep bbb does not stun after CH22K which is dumb
  7. coroso4

    Patty Cakes

    These characters aren't related nor interact in anyway with each other in the 'story'... wtf
  8. coroso4

    Soul Calibur 5 - Viola is balanced

    this uses more than two meter, but it's still OP, even after the first 8K the damage is already too damn high @ 146
  9. coroso4

    Don't annoy crazy girls: Tira Combos and Wakeups Thread

    Wall combo post-patch: 3B W!, 4B+K W!, 4BBB, 66K ~ 89 dmg (66K now works after 4BBB launcher) best follow-up for 3AA(BE) W! seems to be back throw for ~ 150 her wall combos are less fun now that CE no longer hits after 3B, 4A =/
  10. coroso4

    Raphael Combo Discussion

    CE lands after CH Prep K now for 90 dmg
  11. coroso4

    Raphael : Patch Changes and Discussion

    Yeah the CH of PrepBBB doesn't stun after CH22K. I guess it's because the stun animation for CH22K is the same as that of the third hit of PrepBBB; when they crumple forward
  12. coroso4

    Raphael : Patch Changes and Discussion

    Okay, to be fair that was a larger custom Z.W.E.I., but I just tested it and it doesn't even work on astaroth... So I have no clue how it happened =(
  13. coroso4

    Raphael : Patch Changes and Discussion

    I got Raph's good ol' 22B, 3 BB(BE) to connect on a back-turned Z.W.E.I. during a fight earlier, so if you can get behind perhaps a large enough opponent you can still obtain that stabby satisfaction...
  14. coroso4

    What does Tira think about the patch?

    "Genocide." (of her move list)
  15. coroso4

    Astaroth's Combo (Discussion)

    66[K], 214A (poseidon tide) works in front of walls for excellent damage, otherwise just following 66[K] with 22_88B is best, add the BE to air A+G if you like
  16. coroso4

    OSV Interview With SOULCALIBUR V Sound Team

    All these composers deserve mad respect. Namco did right by recruiting this numerous and diverse set from different gaming and musical backgrounds. Each one took the time to get to know the characters, story, and thematic expectations of a fighting game. It can be hard for composers interested...
  17. coroso4

    Can someone here read info on game disks?

    Maybe if we all react condescendingly like dicks when people try to help the answer will become clear
  18. coroso4

    Release Dates + Ezio + Dampierre + More!

    So... Amazon now says the release date is December 31st 2012 They may mean to say December of this year and are just inept, because I doubt the game would be delayed 11 months out of nowhere...
  19. coroso4

    Soul Calibur V - Leixia Vs Viola

    Viola's beast, is this the first gameplay footage of her?