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    SC VI Sophitia Frame Data

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    Sophitia Combos

    :6::bA: >> *:2::B::K: >> :8::A+B: 76 $+ *:2::B::K: >> :4::4::B+K: 74+ *:2::3::6:::B: 56 :3::B: >> *:2::3::6::6::B: >> :4::B: 54 *:2::3::6::6::B: >> :2::3::6::6::B: 61 *:CE: 75 *:SC::4::A+B::B: >> :2::3::6::6::B: 77 :LH::2::B::K: >> *:8::A+B: 73 $ *:4::4::B+K: 69 CH:6::K: >> *:2::3::6::6::B...
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    Sophitia Punishment Guide

    <Sophitia> AA / KK 6BA 6bA 2BK / FC BK B+K 66A 2A 11A TAS AA AS B AS K 3A 1A ! 1B(B)(B)(B) ! 2K 1K 8B+K ! 11AA TAS B TAS B 1A 4AA 4AB 3B 8A+B 8B+KAB 8B+KK 44B Run K AS A ! AS AA CE 66K 4AB 3B 8B+KAB 44B Run K AS A ! AS AA CE 2BK 4AB 3B & 8B+KAB 44B AS A AS AA CE CE 1A 4AA 4AB 3B 8A+B 8B+KA...
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    Pyrrha Ω - DNS / FC NS Duck List

    I thought I'd start a list of mids that can be ducked with DNS. I haven't done everyone's yet, but so far it seems like it has the greatest applications against raph and pyrrha. Be sure to read my notes at the end, there are a lot of qualifications. ! Also...
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    Ezio Building Meter

    Thinking how meter depending Ezio was, I decided to test his moves for meter build to see if there were moves more or less worth doing based on it. My original results follow. -22- CH 4B6(15*7) -20- CH 4B(15*5) -19- CH 22B(10*9) -18- WR BB(8*10) / B+K / 11B -17- 44B -15- 66BB(5*10) / Back...
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    Astaroth Building Meter

    Following up some testing I've done for Ω and Ezio and refining my hypothetical model about how to represent the edge meter numerically, I give you how much meter asta builds with his moves on hit: 27 - 3{K}A(17*10) / 3{K}{A} (17*10) 25 - 1AB(8*17) / 4{A+B}(18*7) 24 - 214A(10*24) 23 - CH...
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    Pyrrha Ω Building Meter

    -26- 4[A]B(15*11) -25- 4[A]A(15*10) / B+KB:4(10*8*7) -23- B+KB4(10*8*5) -22- 11A[A](5*17) -20- 2BB:4(5*8*7) -18- 2BB4(5*8*5) / WR[A+B] / 4B+K / 8[B+K] -17- 8B+K/ 66B+KAB(10*2*5) -16- 4AB(5*11) -15- 4AA(5*10) / 66B / Right Side Grab -14- B+G2A_B(9*5) / Back Grab -13- 4B / WR B+K / 11AA(5*8) / 33B...
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    Pyrrha Ω Forum Directory (Read This First)

    Welcome to the Soul Arena for Pyrrha Ω, your one-stop source for learning the Malfested Greek. The following are links to common threads which may be useful to improving one's play of Pyrrha Ω. Combos + Tech Traps Frame Data(Thread) Frame Data(WIKI) Gameplay Discussion and Q/A Videos...
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    Pyrrha Ω Gameplay Discussion / Q&A

    Post discussion and questions about Ω Pyrrha's game play here . This thread will remain locked until SCV's release.
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    Pyrrha Ω Frame Data

    For Wiki format, look here
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    Pyrrha Ω Combos and Tech Traps

    Natural Combos (NC) AA 1AA 4[A]A 4[A]B BB Natural Combos on Counter-hit (NCC) 4AB 6BB 6B BE 2BB 2B BE B+KB{4_:4} 2B+KBBB 66B+KAB CH 4AB_[A]B 44B+K 77_81 DNS B 83_85 4[A] 3B 56 (Character/range specific) DNS B 81 6K_44K 44B+K 72_74 DNS B 77_79 6BB 59 CE 115 (1 gauge) 4[A]A DNS...
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    SC IV Sophitia at a Glance

    With SCIV's life wrapping up, I thought it might be useful to have a thread consolidating info in this Soul Arena, so that future players who happen to be interested can find the info they are looking for in the absence of recent expertise and recollection. If anyone has any suggestions on the...
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    Sophitia Wall Combos

    Alright so there are wall combos, so inconsistency is the name of the game and as such a separate thread is in order. Also individual mileage may vary since slight angle differences or character sizes or who knows what else could get in the way. Where I saw variability I tried to list it, but...
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    Sophitia "Range Tiers"

    I spent some time this evening trying out the ranges on different moves and thought I should share the results, especially since a couple of them were mildly surprising. Disclaimer The data is just barely scientific and by no means absolute. I got this from testing on sophie, so her own hitbox...
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    Kratos General Discussion

    Always need to have one of these threads in an SA. Anyway I did the data for Kratos's Horizontals and put it in the wiki: /edit/ Much of the rest of the data is now there also.
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    Dampierre General Discussion

    This is a random piece of info, and you're gonna need a thread like this anyway, so here goes... From taking a quick look at Dampierre's 1A it seems to GI high and mid, weapon-based, non-thrust attacks from frames 5-14. The move itself is an i37 low that deals 20 damage, knocks down on hit and...
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    Sophitia Broken Destiny Changes

    Alright so we've got so far: TAS B damage on tip hit down to 40 and TAS B TAS B:4 does 116 now AS K give's a spinning knockdown that guarantees 66B. AS K appears to be safer than before. Second hit of TAS AA apparently stuns grounded opponent? Sounds like it could be useful... TAS AA 236B...
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    Sophie Match-up Rankings

    So the call has been put out by Jaxel to get some ratings on match ups. That should explain what's being looked for and for sophie lets discuss it here. Only post if you have decent tournament experience under your belt...
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    Sophitia Attack Use Guide

    I've been seeing these around the other SAs and thought it might be a nice addition here. Ok people this is for those starting off as Sophie so don't take too many shots at what I say below. Suggestions welcome. A) Interrupts Standing Interrupts: AA, 6AB, 2A, 2B, B, 2K, TAS B(In buffer) FC...
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    Sophitia TAS / FC AS Tech Crouch Super

    So since this seems to be perenial topic of interest on this SA, I think maybe a thread is in order. Twin Angel Step(236236) and FC Angel Step (FC236) both push Sophie low enough to the ground to get under some mids. This property doesn't last too long, so timing it takes some getting used to...