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  1. ViciousSuicide

    Random vids from nec 9: There Vicious!

    Some vicious moments from nec9, there not tourney vids but enjoy!!!
  2. ViciousSuicide

    Tech Catches?

    You guys find any? I only know of 22_88K, 1K...
  3. ViciousSuicide

    Vicious Tournament @ the Village

    Alright trying to see if my house is good for a venue When: Sun Dec 14th @4:00pm Entry fee: 5$ or 10$ depending what easier with the economic crisis we're having i'll do 5$ but i'd like to keep it at 10$. Payout: 1st 60% of pot, 2nd 30%, 3rd 10% Rules: (Summary) -Bring your...