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  1. scha

    Yakuza 3 review by actual yakuza
  2. scha

    Daigo : Street Fighter = This guy : Tetris Right around 3:11 is when it starts getting really impressive.
  3. scha

    This article says the human brain processes vision at 13 frames per second

    ...we hit just frames, sometimes based on visual cues. Discuss!
  4. scha

    PS2 to xbox 360 converter?

    Has anybody had any luck hooking PS2 pads/sticks up to xbox 360s? It's been said before, but I think it bears repeating: the 360's dpad is fucking horrible. I keep getting 4s when I want 3s! And I played X in SC2 and SC3; I think I know how to hit my goddam diagonals.