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  1. Party Wolf

    Thank You Letter (Video) to the SoulCalibur Team

    Hey everyone, I was thinking that it'd be really cool to make a video thanking the SoulCalibur team for SC6. If you'd like to make a video (no longer than 30s) and send it to me, I'd like to add it into a montage. I plan on tweeting it to Okubo, Soulcalibur, and Bandai Namco US. The idea came...
  2. Party Wolf

    SOULCALIBUR VI Network Test on PS4/XB1

    It's happening!! There will be 15 characters and 9 stages available. Most likely, there is only the ranked mode function since that's all that is described. September 28th 8AM PDT to September 30th 8PM PDT will be the times you can play the demo, but downloads start on 27th. It's unknown if you...
  3. Party Wolf

    @Hayate_Ein Shows Off Final Ver. of SC6 as well as Lizardman!

    @Hayate, veteran SOULCALIBUR player from France, had the honor to try out the finalized version of SOULCALIBUR VI recently. In this video, Hayate shows off some of the single player modes in SC6. There is also some small footage of the new characters too, which includes a little bit of Astaroth...
  4. Party Wolf

    All Modes Revealed in Latest PV (Japanese)

    In this video you can see all of the modes that will be in SOULCALIBUR VI. We now have confirmation of Museum as well as Arcade battle. Museum mode let's you see models and concept arts of the characters and gives you additional information on them. Arcade will have the traditional 8 opponent...
  5. Party Wolf

    Libra of Soul, New Character, and Tira Reveal Trailers

    Gamescom trailers are starting to get pumped out by Bandai Namco and we got two awesome reveals. Libra of Soul is a new game mode for SOULCALIBUR VI where you make your own character for an alternate story. You will be able to travel, complete missions, and meet SOULCALIBUR VI characters along...
  6. Party Wolf

    Kilik Character Discord

    Come join and we can talk about the character! It's a work in progress since the game isn't out yet, but it should be good by October.
  7. Party Wolf

    Talim Is Back to Blow You Away

    The wind priestess makes her return to SOULCALIBUR VI after being absent from SOULCALIBUR V. From the trailer it seems that she is very capable of block string pressure and has a new parry where she has the option to blast you with wind after it. She looks like a good return to form for the...
  8. Party Wolf

    Party Wolf at E3! It was AWESOME

    I am sure most of you know what E3 is, but in case you aren't aware, E3 is the the Electronic Entertainment Expo hosted in Los Angeles, California. You can see new titles that have been recently released/announced and try games that have a demo on the floor. I was given the opportunity to go to...
  9. Party Wolf

    SOULCALIBUR VI Delay Rumors Debunked and More Guest Characters

    During E3 interviews, Motohiro Okubo was asked whether or not SOULCALIBUR VI would come out this year. He said with absolute certainty that it would be released before the end of 2018. Okubo was also asked if there would be other guest character beyond Geralt from The Witcher. It turns out that...
  10. Party Wolf

    Dandy Maxi Has Been Unleashed

    Earlier this morning, Bandai Namco finally revealed the Nunchuk Pirate. In this trailer we can see that he has been changed to manage his stances for longer durations to get Maxi-mum flair. It seems that he has kept his previous voice actor, a positive demeanor, and gained a new tan. I'm a huge...
  11. Party Wolf

    Taki Revealed on a Tuesday

    Breaking up the usual pattern of reveals every Thursday, Taki's trailer was shown off on a niconico stream today. Thankfully, Flying Wonkey from AvoidingThePuddle sniped the stream archive before they took it down. It appears that her trailer was not meant to be revealed this early considering...
  12. Party Wolf

    Soul 5 vs Soul 6 (Pre-Release) system mechanics

    Sometimes I get asked about what's new, so let's talk about what's new! Movement - In SC6 it is very fast and recovers much quicker when compared to SC5. You will see more of this in SC6. Guard Impact (6G) - Now covers every hit level including CEs, but can not parry break attacks (lightning...
  13. Party Wolf

    Siegfried Returns to Face His Nightmares

    Bandai Namco revealed Siegfried today. It should be interesting to see how they incorporate him into the game considering he is also Nightmare in SOULCALIBUR VI. Returning stages Proving Grounds and Indian Port from SC3 have been revealed as well. Check out the trailer below!
  14. Party Wolf

    Armor Destruction: Do you like it?

    Personally I like looking at the full costumes instead of some dude's feet. Do you guys want to have an option to enable/disable it?
  15. Party Wolf

    Geralt From The Witcher Joins SOULCALIBUR!

    As teased before on twitter, the rumors of Geralt from The Witcher series have been confirmed for SOULCALIBUR VI. Kaer Morhen is now a playable stage as well.
  16. Party Wolf

    Near Atlanta? Play SC6 on March 16-18
  17. Party Wolf

    @maximilian_ Breaks Down the Latest Famitsu Article

    Maximilian Dood reports the newest information that was learned from yesterday's Famitsu article about SoulCalibur VI. Motohiro Okubo talks to Famitsu about returning mechanics and the goals the development team has for the gameplay. Max also speculates what guest characters may be coming into...
  18. Party Wolf

    Run Counters in SCVI

    In this game it seems that it is variable for a backstep to get a run counter property. My theory is that they have removed the ability for a vertical to cause a run counter. Instances where there is a run counter: 0:35 0:46 4:08 4:35 No run counter: 0:42 2:19 2:53 4:00 8:32 The only...
  19. Party Wolf

    PSX SCVI Gameplay Preview Analysis

    PSX has revealed the first gameplay of SCVI in motion. I broke down the most notable changes on my twitch stream and I will link the archive below. I will list the changes me and my stream caught. Feel free to post what you have seen below! Here is the raw footage without me talking over it...
  20. Party Wolf

    SOULCALIBUR II: Gambling Edition

    Bandai Namco has recently formed a licensing agreement with GameCo Inc to develop a SoulCalibur II gambling machine. It is claimed to be a "skill-based" game that remains similar to SoulCalibur II, but reduced to about 45-60 seconds. The game should be debuting in late 2017 according to the...